Choosing Between A Rectangular Or Freeform Pool

Choosing Between A Rectangular Or Freeform Pool

Congratulations on being one step away from choosing your dream pool. However, as you’ve likely guessed, there is one last important decision to make: what shape is your pool going to be? 

Here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we understand that decisions can sometimes be overwhelming and tedious obstacles between you and diving into your new pool! But it’s important to take this last step carefully, because deciding on the shape of your pool is final and can drastically affect how it blends into your home. 

In order to streamline this decision for you and make it as easy as possible, we’ve listed the advantages of both rectangular and freeform pool shapes for your convenience. These will typically be the two shapes that you choose from. Both are fantastic choices and the important thing to remember is that there is no wrong choice; it all comes down to your taste and what kind of vision you have in mind for your dream pool!


How Do We Define A Rectangular Pool?

Rectangular pools are exactly what they sound like: well-defined shapes with straight lines and clean edges, typically in the shape of rectangles but just as often squares. Another name for them that you might have seen around our pool range is geometric pools.

Rectangular pools are splendid for adding a contemporary, formal look to your house. They are also conventionally easier to plan around, in terms of landscaping and any poolside furniture you intend to place.

Rectangular pools accommodate a multitude of pool sizes, from small, medium to large. Many pools of this geometric shape come with an in-built spa. Additionally, rectangular pools are also the most common plunge pool shape.

Why Choose A Rectangular Pool?

The straightforward shape of rectangular pools means installation and construction are made easier (P.S. This also means it’s cheaper for you.) The geometric shape can also be made to fit smaller backyards. Because of this simplicity, the rectangular pool is one of Australia’s most popular pool shapes.

An additional benefit to rectangular pools is that end-to-end laps are more convenient in it’s pool shape. This means if you are looking to take up swimming as a healthy habit and exercise, then the rectangular pool shape may be for you.

Another reason you may be looking at choosing a rectangular pool is your personal taste. As we mentioned earlier, this shape of pool adds nicely to a modern home. It’s straight-edged design lends to an overall sleek feel to any home. This can further be built upon by the incorporation of the recent vanishing edge trend, or infinity pool.

The Shapes And Sizes Of Rectangular Pools

Barrier Reef Pools Perth has a wide range of rectangular pools that can accommodate any size or shape for your dream pool. For your convenience, our website has compiled our expansive list of rectangular pools into a select few best-sellers so you can draw inspiration for your ultimate pool vision.

Rectangular pool shapes can include anything from our Brampton Slimline pool range, to our 8m Lap Pools and even our plunge pools!

What Exactly Is A Freeform Pool?

Freeform pools are the avid designer’s dream. They do not conform to any set shape and they have no limit on size or design of the pool. If the pool shape you are after is a little unconventional, plenty personal, or you just need a shape to fit your backyard, then a freeform pool could be the choice for you.

Freeform pools more often than not are designed with an in-built spa in mind. Generally, they are larger than rectangular pools on average and adhere to a somewhat circular shape.

Although they can be custom designed to fit any property, freeform pools do have a select few designs that are popular in Perth. Popular designs include the kidney pool.

How You Can Enjoy A Freeform Pool

As mentioned before, freeform pools possess an unconventional shape. This allows them to fit into almost any backyard. If you are struggling with a sloping landscape or an overcrowded garden, then looking at a freeform pool might be the best option for you. Freeform pools can also be scaled to fit a small or large property.

If purchasing a standard, uniform pool shape doesn’t quite fit into your vision, then you’ve come to the right shape. Freeform pools allow you complete control over the designing process and the range of shapes available is expansive; there’s every chance your dream pool is waiting for you in our range.

Typically, freeform pools tend to be much larger than rectangular pools. This means more space for the family to swim, kids to play games, and poolside area for you to BBQ away your summers.

No Wrong Choice

Choosing between rectangular or freeform can be a difficult choice. But it’s important to remember that neither choice is the wrong one. There is only your vision and at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we want to make that pool a reality. So, why don’t you take advantage of our extensive range of both rectangular and freeform pools by visiting our site today!

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