Can You Heat A Fibreglass Pool?

Can You Heat A Fibreglass Pool?

There is a big difference between can your fibreglass pool be heated and should it be heated. The difference is possibility and preference. In short: yes, fibreglass pools can definitely be heated. In fact, fibreglass pools are the most suited to heating of all the pool types. Read on to find out more about heating your own fibreglass pool.


Fibreglass Pool Heating

The question “can fibreglass pools be heated” is a popular one, and for good reason! If your fibreglass pool is too cold to swim in then you effectively lose access to it for half of the year. So, to clarify: fibreglass pools can be heated. More and more fibreglass pool installers are recommending a variety of heating options upon installation, as pool owners begin to recognise the immense value they bring to their pool experience. Additionally, heaters can be added onto your fibreglass pool post-installation as well, so there really is no excuse for missing out.

Advantages Of Heating Your Fibreglass Pool

The advantages of heating your fibreglass pools are numerous. These advantages include:

  1. A heated swimming pool is a great alternative to installing a spa. This is particularly so if you prefer swimming laps and making the most of your pool space, as opposed to lounging in a separate spa
  2. By using a heater, you can make swimming in your pool bearable during winter – doubling your swimming time!
  3. Heating options are quite varied nowadays: you can choose between eco-friendly and cost-friendly heating options

In fact, fibreglass pools are uniquely suited to heaters. This is because:

  1. Fibreglass typically heats much faster than concrete, as concrete is a cold material
  2. Fibreglass pools also retain heat for longer than concrete pools. This can lower your heating costs because your heater won’t have to be left on for as long
  3. On average fibreglass pools are smaller than concrete pools. With less surface area to heat, your fibreglass pool will heat even faster and stay warm for longer

Fibreglass Pool Heating Options

When considering installing a heater with your fibreglass pool, there are three options we’d recommend you choose from. Although neither one is better overall than the others, each option is uniquely suited to a set of specific advantages you may find that suit your needs.

Heaters Are Great; But First You'll Need A Pool!

All fibreglass pools from Barrier Reef Pools Perth can be installed with a heater.
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Gas Heater

Gas heating is by the far the most powerful option for your pool. Gas heating is typically used in spas, but can be applied to pools too. They are relatively simple to use and will run on either propane or natural gas. A hot combustion chamber will heat your pool water as it is passed through and then recirculate it back into your pool. 


  1. A gas heater will warm your pool extremely fast 
  2. Due to it’s heating power, gas heating is great for colder temperature 
  3. Gas heating gives unparalleled control to pool owners. Heat the water to the exact temperature you decide 
  4. Typically the more affordable option to purchase up-front


  1. By far the least eco-friendly option on the list. Using propane or natural gases will increase emissions 
  2. Although the upfront cost is cheap, regularly buying gas itself will become expensive in the long-term
  3. Gas can be unfavourable to work with for some pool owners: certain precautions must be taken to store gas tanks safely
5.2m x 2.8m Caprice Midnight Shimmer,

Electric Heater

Electric heaters use a heating tank to warm your water up before passing it back into your fibreglass pool. They achieve this by collecting heat from the air and sending it through a heat exchanger. Electric heaters are also a great way to reuse energy, instead of relying on external material such as gas.


  1. Due to its power source being readily available and reusable, electric heaters will work at all times of the year
  2. Cheaper to run than gas and more eco-friendly
  3. Long life-span ( 20 -25 years)


  1. Will require constant access to your house’s power 
  2. Slower to heat pool water than gas
  3. In very cold environments, it’s heating affect will be diminished
  4. Costly upfront purchase

…Solar heaters come up first as the most cost-effective heating options. This is because they regularly convert free energy to heat your pool…

Solar Heater

Solar heaters are the newest alternative on the market and by far the most eco-friendly choice. In the long-term, solar heaters also come up first as the most cost-effective option – if you can get past the upfront cost. This is because solar heaters – as the name suggests – soaks up the sunlight and converts it into energy in order to power your pool heater.


  1. Extremely eco-friendly. Solar energy doesn’t produce any negative emissions and relies on natural energy exclusively. 
  2. Cost effective: although the initial cost will be high to install, solar will continue to provide free energy for as long as it runs. No need to worry about heating costs 
  3. Long lasting (15-25years.)


  1. Requires sunlight to heat your pool. If the day is cloudy, then your pool will likely remain cold.
  2. Some solar heaters will require a backup heater in order to effectively heat your pool
  3. Upfront cost of installing a solar heater may be off putting 

Which Heater Is Best For You?

As you can see, there is no single best option for choosing your pool heater. Instead, Barrier Reef Pools Perth recommends you match the heating option that best suits your needs. A solar heater is a great choice for eco-conscious families and for those who don’t want to worry about constantly topping up their heating bills. An electric heater is the standard go-to option for many pool owners, as it is easy to operate and relatively cost-effective. It won’t do too well in extremely cold temperatures, however. A gas heater is perfect for those families who really want to swim during winter; it’s the fastest way to heat your pool on the market. However, it does tend to cost more in the long-run and handling gas canisters may be off putting for some.

Here at Barrier Reef Pool Perth, our team has over 30+ years of experience installing pools and their heaters. If you have any questions remaining or simply wish to see more of our heating and/or fibreglass pool options, then come and visit our site today!

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