Can A Plunge Pool Be Heated?

A plunge pool perfectly represents your lifestyle and preferences. It is an excellent option for relaxation after a day’s hard work, during the weekends or on any day you are off from work. While warmer days can be best enjoyed swimming in the plunge pool, autumn, winter, and spring are cooler months when swimming is not considered a good idea. Well, for those of you who think so, here’s some good news. Plunge pools can be heated, and you can enjoy your pool time throughout the year regardless of the season or time of the day.

Plunge pools are compact and can be heated economically and effectively. When you have installed a plunge pool mostly for comfort and relaxation, why think twice on heating it? Heat your pool and soothe your muscles anytime you feel tired. Spending time in clean warm water also offers emotional benefits.
Now you’ve decided to heat your plunge pool, consider the following factors before choosing a heating system. Not all systems are similar, so take some time out to identify your needs and then decide on one.


Local Climate

Pool heating solutions are not only for those who reside in colder places. Pool owners residing in places where the weather is warm for most of the year will also need heating systems since the air can get freezing during winter. In fact, many pool owners cannot use their pools during this time. This is why installing a pool heating system is a good idea. As mentioned earlier, a plunge pool is mostly installed for relaxation, and in order to enjoy it to the fullest even during winter, a heating system is a must-have. Fibreglass pools can insulate heat naturally and retain it for a long time.

Consider your local climate when choosing a pool heating system because the cooler the climate, more the heating requirement. A wise decision will keep your costs down.

Pool Usage

Pool usage is another primary factor that impacts your heating system decision. If you use your plunge pool regularly, a system that always runs while keeping the long-term costs down would be the best choice. On the other hand, if you occasionally use your pool and want it to be heated at short notice, a quick but expensive heating system might best suit you.

Size of the Pool

If your plunge pool is small and shallow, a smaller pool heating system is sufficient. Alternatively, you will need to look at large, costlier systems if you own a large pool. Coming to the heating systems, they are available in a wide range. You can choose depending upon your need.

Solar Heating

Solar pool heating systems are extremely popular because of their energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These systems harness the naturally available solar energy to heat up your pool. Compared to the other options, solar systems are eco-friendly, at the same time keep your energy bills low. This is an excellent choice if you have a large pool and are going to use it constantly.

How does the solar heating system work?

Using a negligible amount of electricity, a solar pump pushes the water from your plunge pool through capillary tubes placed on your roof. When water moves through this series of tubes, it gets heated which is then sent to your pool. This system maintains an amazingly even temperature in the plunge pool; however, it does come with some setbacks. Water cannot be heated as much as you want, especially on overcast days and during winter. Initial investment involves installing panels on your property roof, but it certainly works out cheaper in the long run.

Electric Heating

Electric heating is also a popular plunge pool heating option. They are not as cost-effective as solar heating systems, but they are not overly costly too. Electric heating systems effectively and quickly heat up your pool and can be relied upon anytime. How does the electric heating work?

Under this system, a pump directly heats your pool water. Since this does not depend upon the Sun or any other natural resource for energy, you can heat your pool water any day of the year. This system is an ideal choice if you have a small plunge pool.

Gas Heating

Gas heaters are the best option to heat a plunge pool. They are expensive when compared to the solar heaters and not eco-friendly. However, a lot of pool owners prefer this system since they can heat the pool water to a desired temperature anytime they feel like relaxing in the warm waters. A wise option would be getting a solar heating system installed and having a gas heater as backup for heating when the weather is not supportive. Gas heaters can efficiently heat your plunge pool in less than 60 minutes.

How does a gas heating system work?

A gas heater burns gas in a chamber that consists of copper coils through which the water runs and gets heated. Once heated, the water is sent back to the plunge pool.

Pool Covers and Blankets

Pool covers and blankets cannot directly heat your pool, but they can retain the heat and definitely help you reduce your running costs. For the best heating results, have an effective heating system along with a pool cover. This will minimise the heat loss and the time required to heat your pool.

How do pool covers and blankets work?

Pool blankets come with a series of small bubbles on their surfaces that work like magnifying glasses. These bubbles heat the pool water by allowing the Sun’s rays to enter the pool and trapping it.

Wisely choose a heating system for your plunge pool

Deciding on a pool heating system is not that simple. You need to take some time out to identify the ideal one for your pool precisely. While it depends upon your lifestyle, preferences and the amount you are ready to spend, you should also consider:

· The climate for most part of the year in your place

· Whether you will use your pool only when the weather is warm or all through the year

· The frequency of your pool usage

· The amount of sunlight your plunge pool gets

· Whether you want to use your plunge pool for swimming or relaxation

If you have a large family with older adults and infants using your plunge pool, we recommend installing the best heating system. People of these ages cannot tolerate or feel comfortable in cold water, especially if they intend to swim on a regular basis. Heating systems for spas/wellness centres plunge pools If you own a health spa or wellness centre with a plunge pool for your customers, you need to get a very efficient heating system. Warm water soothes joints and muscles, reduces the aches of people recovering from bodily injuries as well promote movement. In recent times, spa owners are increasingly installing pool heating systems to provide hydrotherapy for their customers.

Plunge pools are stunning and owning one is a matter of pride. If you own one, we recommend installing a heating system that aligns with your needs and enjoying the warm waters all year round. Relax or swim when you desire. Don’t let the weather decide!

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