Backyard Pools For Small Spaces That Give BIG Fun For The Whole Family!

A pool in your backyard can be a source of wonder and joy for years to come. It can come in handy whether you are hosting a barbecue or just inviting friends and family for casual get-togethers. But has a small backyard been holding you back from getting a pool? Then fear not, as the saying goes where there’s a will there’s a way. Swimming pool companies have found unique and elegant solutions so that everyone can own a pool.

These modern solutions look chic and do not take up a lot of space too. There are a few different types that you can get installed at your property. Make sure you budget for cleaning and maintenance costs before getting the pool installed.


Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are small pools that are the size of a big hot tub. You technically cannot swim in it but can take a dip or relax at its side easily. Beat the heat with these miniature pools and add some fun aspects to your pool life. These might be compact but you can always use them for water aerobics or water jogging if you wish to.

You can always install a swim jet system too if you are feeling adventurous. These days even a plunge pool has a multitude of options when it comes to designs and materials it’s made out of.

Plunge pool options usually are 3m in its aspects but can be larger too. They can have a flat bottom design and some come integrated to go well with a bench. They do not overpower the aesthetics of your backyard but rather complement them nicely.

The Ultimate Plunge Pool Range


Small Pools

This would be the most obvious choice when it comes to getting a pool in a small backyard. These are not just shrunken down or miniaturized designs of their larger counterparts but complete recreations. Designed from the ground up these pools not only are aesthetically pleasing but also have all the bells and whistles of their bigger brothers.

They are either available as standard shapes or size or in free form variants. The free form variant is super versatile and can be made to fit a backyard of any shape or size. Another great thing about these smaller pools is that they use fewer resources to maintain. They end up saving you money in the long run and don’t take up a lot of space too.

The affordability of these pools is also a great factor. As they are cheaper and easier to maintain they are a lot more cost-effective as compared to larger pools. You can get features like spa jets and heating.

Most of the small pools are under 10 m in length and the width can be anything from 4-10 m. These pools are very popular in suburban areas and make a great addition to your property.

Other Smaller Pools (Under 6m)

If you thought the pools mentioned before were smaller then we can assure you that these are even smaller. These can include steps and benches which can keep the deepest part of the pool a bit away from the pool. This saves your foundation just in case the water leaks and burrows any deeper. This idea is great for pools that are usually within 3-4meters of the pool. The chances of water seeping into your basement walls are high and this design helps prevent it. Such a design is also great for people that have a narrow yet long backyard instead of a square one.

Here Are A Few Reason Why You Should Go With A Small Pool For Your Backyard

1. Custom Builds

Since you have complete control over the pool build you can build it to be for exercising or leisurely activities. A powerful swim jet always makes things interesting but if you want to just relax in the pool that would be possible too.

Pool choices are unlimited these days and you can easily find something that will fit your space and budget. Consult a pool designer to get more insight on what the pool should be like. This is because some shapes are more functional than others.

2. Low Maintenance

There are people who get small pools even if they have space, this is because larger pools can be expensive to maintain. The upkeep and operational costs combined with the hours you have to put in quickly add up and become a luxury for most.

This means that smaller pools are easier to clean and maintain. Due to their small size, you wouldn’t even have to put the same amount of elbow grease. This also means that the costs will be down, the chemicals used will be less and cleaning wouldn’t take a lot of time.

Smaller pools are easier to clean and maintain…costs will be down, chemicals used will be less and time to clean will be shorter…

3. Flexible Materials

Since small pools are not made out of plexiglass in 90% of the cases you wouldn’t have to worry about having to choose a premade design. This leads to flexible designs with concrete or vinyl pools. The pool can be created from scratch and made to fit your existing space. You can have your design cues added seamlessly and make the pool truly your own creation.

4. Small But Chic

A pool in your backyard will take up most of the space if you are going to put a large pool. Small pools will let you use the space in a very artistic space where the pool and its surrounding area can be like a retreat of recreational parts. The other part is free to be used as a garden or just a yard in general. Thus a pool can be the makeover that your backyard sorely needs.

5. Less Costs

Since the materials needed to make a small pool are lesser than their counterparts, you will have to spend less on the building materials altogether. Also, the number of chemicals it will need for maintaining the pH balance will be less. These things add up in the long term and can save you a lot of money too. Getting a smaller pool is the ideal option if you have a small budget or a small backyard. But this does not mean people with larger backyards should only get large pools.

Small pools are effective if you do not want to dedicate a large part of your backyard space to it. Small pools can be extremely stylish and have a hip and chic way to make your outdoor space much more appealing. Not only that they also effectively add value to your property. When setting a quote for your property you can easily leverage the pool to charge a higher price. Since it is an added amenity or luxury you can upcharge for the property as compared to its initial or original value.

If you’re unsure about what kind of pool you should get and limited on the real estate then a small pool should suffice. The design and low cost of upkeep make it a very lucrative option for anyone trying to get a pool in their backyard. If you have any doubts get a small pool as they are less invasive and easier to fit and maintain.

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