A Complete Guide to Slimline Pools

Home-makers are spoilt for choice today with all the options made available for installing a pool. You can choose from a variety of customizable aspects, starting from the design of your pool to the facilities provided in it. A slimline pool can help you beautify your backyard without taking up a lot of space. What is a slimline pool and how does installing one benefit you? We discuss all this and more below.


Slimline Pools – What are they?

Slimline pools are slim-sized pools that provide customers with several of the facilities found commonly available in family pools. The only difference is that these pools use up far less space. A slimline pool is perfect for you if you want a medium-sized pool which is smaller than your regular pool but bigger in size than a plunge or lap pool.

If you want to install a pool into your backyard to convenience your swimming practice, then a slimline pool is your best bet. These pools are usually longer in length and shorter in width, which enables you to swim your laps and keep up with your fitness swimming easily.

You can even use slimline pools to entertain your guests. Why not? Throw your friends and family a pool party. A slimline pool can easily accommodate multiple people, and no guests of yours will ever complain of a space crunch when taking a dip in your slimline pool.

A slimline pool, then, is a great alternative for regular-sized pools for individuals who’d like to use their available backyard space more efficiently. As these pools are smaller in size as compared to regular pools, cleaning and heating them too, does not pose much of a hassle for the owner.

Avail Smart Safety Features

When you choose to invest in a high-quality slimline fiberglass pool, you ensure that your kids never have to suffer any harm when choosing to spend their time in it. Slimline fiberglass pools provide added safety features such as safety steps, varying depths, edges, and non-slip surfaces. Your kids can be left unsupervised in a quality slimline fiberglass pool without you having to worry about their wellbeing every minute.

What Sizes are Slimline Pools Offered In?

No matter your length and width requirement, chances are there’s a slimline pool to cater to your specifications. The smallest slimline pools measure about 4.2 meters in width and 10.5 meters in length. These pools tend to be narrow and rectangularly shaped. You can choose a size variation that meets your size requirements in a more exact manner. You may opt for added detail in your backyard pool, such as a safety ledge spanning its circumference, for people to access the pool securely and more easily. Either way, when you invest in a slimline pool, you offer you and your guests with ample space to relax, swim laps or simply lounge about in.

How are Slimline Pools Installed?

Fiberglass slimline pools are constructed with the help of moulds in a factory. These factory-made pools are highly durable and boast of extreme tactile strength. When you pick your pre-moulded fiberglass pool for installation and already have your preferred pool builder acquire all necessary permissions for installing your pool, it is only a matter of time till your pool is installed and ready to use. Once your pre-designed fiberglass pool has been delivered, your pool builder can install it for you in typically less than a week.


What are the Customization Options Extended to You in Slimline Pools?

While fiberglass slimline pools do not allow you the freedom to customize their shape or size, you can choose to include added facilities to them if you want. Innovative inclusions that you can opt for, to enhance your swimming experience in a fiberglass slimline pool are –

• Mood Lighting – You would want to invest in lighting for your pool to make it more functional and safer to use at night. In addition, installing mood lighting to your fiberglass pool would also permit you to step up its holistic appearance and aesthetics.

• Heating – Want to enjoy a warm swim in your slimline pool? Not a problem! It is extremely easy and economical to heat a slimline pool. You can enjoy swimming all year round once you’ve spent on a heating-ready slimline pool and also benefit from the muscle-relaxant properties of warm water. Warm water is great for relaxation purposes as it can alleviate muscle pain and ease your muscle tension.

• Spa Jets – If you want to enhance the relaxation and comfort provided by your slimline pool, purchase a slimline pool with spa jets for your home. Spa jets can massage away your body aches. You can also install them to act as resistance when swimming laps in your slimline pool.

• Spa Design – Slimline pools can easily incorporate a spa design. A spa design not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your slimline pool, it also makes swimming in it even more relaxing.

How Expensive Will My Backyard Slimline Pool Be?

You can install a slimline pool into your backyard for an affordable price. The number of features you choose to add to your slimline pool will influence the overall cost of your slimline pool. Other aspects that will also play a role in deciding the total cost of your pool will be – the condition of your backyard, landscaping and fencing requirements that will need to be met and whether you are installing lights to your pool. A good way to understand the expenses you will incur during backyard slimline pool installation is to contact a pool builder. You can even avail price quotes for the slimline pool you want from pool companies.

Advantages Provided by Slimline Pools

You access the following benefits when you opt for a slimline pool –
Space-efficient and yet adequately roomy – Slimline pools can comfortably accommodate your entire family much like a regular-sized pool would. Yet, it takes up a lot less space.

• Perfect for modestly sized yards – You don’t have to worry about your narrow and limited yard area with a slimline pool. A slimline pool will fit limited yard space beautifully and still offer you all the benefits of a regular swimming pool.

• Contemporary styling – Slimline pools can really maximize your backyard’s aesthetics. Their simple, square designs are minimal, and can integrate into absolutely any kind of yard seamlessly.

• Heats easily – Slimline pools heat well and easily due to their small size. As a result, heating them costs you less too.

• Offer plenty of seating space on the edge – You can generally avail large seating space on one end of a slimline pool and more halfway along one side. So, not only are you provided an enjoyable and effective swimming experience with a slimline pool – you also get to benefit from ledge space to casually sit on and while your time by around the pool.

Sleek, Stylish and Efficient – A Slimline Pool is What You Need

Slimline pools are designed following modern and contemporary styling. They can complement almost any backyard space. Aside from all the benefits of using a slimline pool listed above, they are also far easier to maintain than regular pools. The small size conveniences cleaning operations and also means that you use fewer chemicals for your pool. In conclusion, slimline pools let you make the most of restricted yard space to install a swimming pool and provide a healthier and cleaner swim! Just how great is that?

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