Monaco Slimline 6.2m x 2.8m Electric Blue Applecross

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A Minimalistic Pool Design

This Applecross pool impresses with its understated presence and contrasting colours. Showing that minimalism can make a strong statement, the pool by Barrier Reef Pools Perth draws the eye with its sparkling blue liner and contrasting mosaic sun bed. The pool complements the backdrop of the new two-storey home by Craig Carle Homes, with both the pool and home featuring strong, bold lines and contemporary finishes.

Barrier Reef Pools Director Brad Hilbert said the owners were after a minimalistic design with no maintenance. “The pool was fitted with a fully automatic pool management system, honed concrete by Terrastone surround the area and the use of artificial grass were the main products used to achieve the job,” he said. The pool complements the backdrop of the new two-storey home, with both the pool and home featuring strong, bold lines and contemporary finishes.

“The pool was installed prior to the house getting constructed as the access was very limited once the house was completed,” Mr Hilbert said. The house took 18 months to complete, while the pool took just two months to finish. Designed for a family with young kids, the project shows that a luxuriously designed pool can still be functional for young kids to safely enjoy.

“The back yard had to be practical yet still blend in with the look of their modern house build,” Mr Hilbert said.

While the pool offers a space to swim and relax, the mosaic sun bed is a true winner for the kids to enjoy.

“The sun bed water features is not noisy and kids love to play around in them,” Mr Hilbert said. “The owners of the property have two young children and this is their favourite place to splash around and enjoy the pool.”

The space offers a refined and polished finish through seamless landscaping and chic styling. “I just love the overall whole look of the project,” Mr Hilbert said.

“The colours used and the proximity of the pool to alfresco area make it appear all as one and not two separate areas as commonly seen.”

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