Monaco Ocean Shimmer 8.5m x 3.8m

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8.5m Monaco Fibreglass Swimming Pool

It was a project the owners wish they had incorporated when first building their home in South Perth, but the result of this outstanding pool makes it very easy to forget the extra steps they needed to take to make it a reality.

Barrier Reef Pool’s Brad Hilbert explains that when they first visited the site the house itself wasn’t actually very old.

“The owners sort of regretted not installing the pool in the beginning, but at the time they got carried away with variations in the kitchen and bathroom and didn’t even think about a pool,” he said. “In this case, it ended up costing more because of the site’s restricted access, and the fact it required a 95-tonne crane to get the job done.”

Yet, what cost the owners financially has been repaid multiple times over with a pool, and surrounding garden by JB Landscaping, that ticks all the boxes.

While not wanting the whole backyard to be consumed by a pool, the owners still wanted one of a decent size with space left for a garden for the children and dogs. The 8.5m by 3.8m Monaco in the colour “Ocean Shimmer” fit the bill perfectly, with JB Landscaping enlisted to complete the surrounding areas.

To allow for enough space on one side of the pool for the grassed area, it was imperative to position it very close to the boundary wall. “Council requirements are that it needs to be the depth of the pool away,” Mr Hilbert said. “So with this pool being 1.8m deep it would have to be offset from the boundary to that same measurement, which would have left an awkward space for the garden.”

The answer to the challenge came in the form of chemically injecting the boundary so that during the dig there is no chance of the neighbour’s paving, footing or house to subside. Because of the position of the existing house, a hand dig was required, which is necessary when there is a restricted access of approximately a metre or less.

The undercover alfresco is complete with a built-in kitchen by Fergusons, and the view of the outdoor pool and garden is picture perfect. The clean cut and modern look is timeless, where granite pavers contrast beautifully against the cobblestone tiles surrounding the water feature. The filtration is discreetly located behind a fence with corten steel screening, and allows the owners to turn the water feature on and off as required.

“The beauty of this water feature is that it isn’t noisy, which is great when you have people over and you’re sitting outside and want to actually hear each other,” Mr Hilbert said.

An in-ground blanket box stays in line with the overall sleek and clean aesthetic, while a fully frameless glass balustrade from Sorrento Glass Pool Fencing ensures uninterrupted views.

JB Landscaping complemented the new pool to perfection, with a planting void behind the water feature softening the existing limestone retaining wall. Low masonry walls give terminus to the cobblestone strips that are designed to break up the expanse of granite pavement, while they also provide overflow seating to the outdoor kitchen and alfresco dining area.

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