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Three’s A Charm

This three-tier pool project is a stunning show of sublime design, creativity and attention to detail.

Stretching across the whole back fence, the three tiers arouses interest, captivating the eye even from inside the Swanbourne residence. Built by Barrier Reef Pools, the project is a stunning display with an underlit water feature at the front of the pool level and backlit screens behind the raised sundeck on the third tier.

The finished product is a serene space that has been expertly designed to fit perfectly in the existing backyard space.
“The main challenge was the existing high retained garden beds at the rear of the property which were quite imposing,” Barrier Reef Pools Perth Owner Brad Hilbert said.

“To overcome this, we raised the pool off the ground by 50cm and set it against the retained planters. “We then put a sundeck on top of the planter next to the pool a further 50cm above the pool level.”
The raised sundeck is the centrepiece of the lavish design and provides a place for the clients to laze about and relax by the poolside. “The raised sundeck has also been used by the client as a stage when they have included a band at their larger parties,” Mr Hilbert said.
Surrounding the pool is an earthy rendered clad travertine with tumbled edge in a modular format, providing a neutral, calming and equally sophisticated finish.

“Travertine is the ideal product to use around the pool as it is cool to walk on, even on hot days,” Mr Hilbert said.

The result is a cascading design that draws the eye and provides a beautiful oasis for the family of four to enjoy.

“The visual impact of the fountain and the backlit screens set against the three ground levels creates a stunning visual both from the alfresco area and from inside the house,” Mr Hilbert said.

While the pool is a grand and captivating design, the Alfresco is just as impressive. “In addition to the raised pool area, the Alfresco was doubled in size and divided by a double-sided fireplace creating separate dining and lounging zones,” Mr Hilbert said.

The fireplace is a stunning feature to top off the spacious alfresco. “The double-sided fireplace is set at a height where it doubles as a bar counter, which is adjacent to the new outdoor kitchen,” Mr Hilbert said.
The space also has a large TV mounted on the stone feature wall to complete the entertainment area, before leading through to the stunning raised pool.

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