Pool Range: Majestic 8.5m x 4.4m

Majestic 8.5m x 4.4m


8.5m Majestic Swimming Pool

A prime example of the lengths that the Barrier Reef Pools team will go to in ensuring a perfect finish, this Majestic pool installed in our O’Connor display centre presented many challenges due to restricted access.

Complete with a mosaic sunbed and two 1200m LED rain effect water blades that create a stunning waterfall over a Bluestone-clad feature, it was well worth the effort.

To squeeze the pool in to the warehouse, a portion of the brick wall had to be removed, followed by the use of a small crane before it was placed inside a retaining wall.

Finished in the shade of Pacific Shimmer and with three LED lights, the pool is a stunning contrast to the surrounding Terrastone exposed poured concrete and matching skimmer box lid. Timber decking, screening and the sunwise patio add further interest with a range of material and texture.


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