Why Is Dirt Returning Back into The Pool After Vacuuming?

A pool is a great investment into your property which not only increases value but makes it aesthetically pleasing too. This pool can be your respite from the hot summer days or just a place to de-stress. It is a source of joy for most people and only brightens people’s lives.

Your pool can be the centre of attention in your backyard and can be a great conversation starter too. It could be the last missing piece of the puzzle that ties in the aesthetics of the place.

It is not tough for dirt to enter the pool system but it is up to you to identify the problem and get a solution. Experienced pool owners will tell you that a lot of trial and error is involved while troubleshooting a pool but do not get disheartened.


Filter Backwashing Or Lack Of

Your filter collects all of the foreign particles that might have entered the pool. But the dirt at the bottom of the pool does not go into the pool’s filter. This is the main reason why you should backwash your filter.

Not only do you rinse the filter, you can easily vacuum the pool after that. This leads to a very clean pool. When you backwash the filter your pool will remain dirty for some time.

Three Major Types Of Filter

Sand Filters

In this system, the water passes through an intricate system of laterals which are just a network of tubes that are also connected to the central hub. It uses sand to filter out the foreign particles in the water that is coming in. If you have sand mixed in your pool then there is a possibility that a lateral might be broken.

You will have to examine the network yourself and pinpoint the laterals that may be defunct. While you are at it also check the gaskets and the O rings, they tend to wear down with usage and need regular checkups.

Cartridge Filters

Made out of polyester and designed in a way to have a large surface area these types of filters cannot be backwashed. In such cases, you will have to remove the cartridge and wash it with acid or a cleaning agent.

A reason for the dirt returning could be a damaged cartridge. If your cartridge is ripped or damaged in any way then the dirt can get back into the pool. The next time you wash the cartridges make sure you see if they are in good condition.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

A hybrid system mixes the backwashing capabilities of the sand filter but the mesh network of the Cartridge filter, these are simply the best. DE filters can be easily backwashed despite having an intricate mesh network.

In most cases, both of the features work together to filter out as much dirt and debris as possible. But if the filter grid gets damaged then there is a chance that the D.E. powder might and dirt might get back into the pool.

If such a thing persists it is advisable to open up the filter and check for cracks or leakages. Any cut or rip in the filter can cause the filter to malfunction, get it repaired at once so that your pool remains clean. Always check the valves and O rings too just in case they are worn down.


Sand - How Old Is It?

With time the sand in your filtration system will break down into smaller particles and get out into the pool. These small particles will have no problem going through the filtration system and in the end, get mixed with dirt.

This could be a reason your pool gets dirty even after you have vacuumed it. If the water is cloudy then that is also a sign that you need to change the sand.

Size Of The Pump

A pump size dictates how many gallons of water run through the filtration system then into your pool. If you have a larger than recommended pump then the chances of getting debris is high. This is because the high water pressure is enough to carry the debris through the system into the pool.

Always get a pump that is suited for your pool and the filtration system will be able to handle the pressure too. Both under powered and overpowered pumps can harm your pool.

Pool Covers

The wind carries a lot of debris into your pool. It can range from insects to twigs and anything in between, to keep such things out of the water a pool cover can come in handy. Covering your pool makes sure that such contaminants do not enter the pool system and keep your pool clean.

It also lowers evaporation levels which in turn maintains water balance. This means that you will have to use fewer chemicals in the long run. A pool cover has numerous advantages, another one of them being that it helps in maintaining the pH of the pool by slowing down evaporation.

A pool cover can be bought in many shapes and sizes. They are also available as simple soft pool covers or hardcovers alike. Soft pool covers have been the industry standard for many years and are great for the aforementioned reasons.

But if you have pets or kids we recommend getting a hard pool cover. This cover not only acts as a sheath over the pool but can also take the weight of your pets and kids. We do not recommend standing on it for too long but it definitely keeps your kids and pets out of the pool.


How To Make Sure That Your Filter Is In Great Shape

Regular maintenance goes a long way and here are a few things you can do so that your filter stays functional.

Check The Pressure On A Regular Basis – A high-pressure reading can damage the whole system and usually means that there is something clogged. Check your debris trap and if you find something in it clean it ASAP.

Regular Cleaning – Cleaning out the filter from time to time really helps in the long run. Clean out the buildup of debris early on so that your pool has no problem.

Skim The Pool Regularly – This is something that can ease the load on your filtration system. Skimming the pool gets rid of the bigger debris which might have caused problems once inside the filtration system.

Winter Prep – Winters can be gruelling for pool owners. Make sure to close the pool and add lubricant to all the parts of the pool. Use a silicone-based lubricant on the valves and filters to prevent them from cracking.

Follow these steps to prevent dirt from returning to your pool after vacuuming

Inspect Your Pool Vacuum: Ensure that your pool vacuum is in good working condition. Check for any blockages in the hose or tears in the filter bag.

Use a Pool Clarifier: Pool clarifiers bind tiny particles of dirt together to form larger particles that the filter can trap more easily.

Clean Your Pool Filter: Clean your pool filter regularly to make sure it can effectively trap dirt and prevent it from returning to the pool.

Adjust The Return Jets: Point the return jets downward. This will keep the dirt at the bottom of the pool, making it easier for the vacuum to pick it up.

Vacuum Slowly: Vacuum your pool slowly to prevent stirring up the dirt, which can then become suspended in the water and more difficult to remove.

Use Pool Floc (Flocculant): If your pool is extremely dirty, consider using a pool flocculant. It causes dirt particles to sink to the bottom of the pool, making it easier to vacuum.

Regular Maintenance: Maintain a regular cleaning schedule. This reduces the amount of dirt build-up over time, making the vacuuming process more efficient.

Regular maintenance and care can make your pool-owning experience a joy. A well taken care of pool can be a source of joy for many years and you will have many fond memories of the place. So make sure to take great care of it and do everything to the best of your abilities.

We will be more than happy to answer all your questions and clear all your doubts regarding pools. Our expert staff will be able to guide you whether you want to get a new pool or have problems with your existing one.

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