The Benefits of Automatic, Hidden Pool Covers

We often get asked about latest trends in swimming pool designs and accessories, but one item growing in popularity are automatic pool covers which can be neatly stored away in hidden boxes. This covered box has many names such as a below ground box, recessed pool cover, integrated pool cover – but they all amount to the same thing. They ensure that a pool cover is hidden from view when it’s not being used. Many people know the benefits of pool covers, but very few want to look at them because they’re pretty unsightly at the side of a pool.

What is an integrated automated pool cover?

Automated pool covers are essentially pool covers which will roll in and out at the flick of a switch and then glide away into a hidden area built into the deck itself. The roller mechanism is housed in a box or cavity at one end of the pool which is covered by a lid, so it’s stored away neatly when not in view. This lid area closes flush with the pool deck when the cover is either retracted or extended out over the pool. This box can be made from many materials but aluminium is one of the more popular choices.

Makes your pool look more modern

This type of pool cover which hides away will enhance the look of your swimming pool area, making it less cluttered. An automated cover offers convenience as it’s easy to roll in and out. Any estate agent will tell you it adds value to your home because it adds a touch of sophistication. When the cover is stored away out of sight, it will make a pool look visibly larger because of the space surrounding it.

Saves on maintenance

Automatic pool covers work on simple technology and are released by a flick of a switch. The current trends for pools are those which are rectangular in design and automatic pool covers are best suited to that type of shape because it offers a snug fit. Guaranteed to keep out any debris, with less muck in your water, you’re able to minimise any filtration reducing your energy costs.


Increases safety

Safety is always a priority and an automated pool cover will offer the best protection. It prevents children and any pets from falling into the water and because they’re pulled taut, they’re extra strong and won’t tear should someone fall in.

Reduces water loss

Strong sunlight will accelerate water evaporation, so pool covers will decrease your water loss by up to 80%. The cover becomes a barrier against the elements ensuring water levels remain stable and regulates the water temperature insulating the pool itself.

There are many automated pool covers on the market today. With different colour fabrics and features, and a range of boxes to hide them away, there’s bound to be one which suits your requirements.

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