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Should I Buy A Solar Cover For My Pool?

In Australia, we are blessed with great weather with brilliant sunshine and UV rays bombarding swimming pools for a large part of the year. The excellent weather means solar covers are a popular choice for many swimming pool owners as they absorb the sun’s rays.

Solar Covers Or Bubble Blankets

These blankets are a great way of heating your pool and will dramatically reduce your pool heating costs.

How do they work? As light penetrates the water, heat energy transfers, and the water temperature rises. You’ll find that surface water is often warmer than deeper water.

A solar cover with its bubble casement and placed down on a pool has many benefits. The air pockets or bubbles work like a magnifying glass and captures the energy from the sun’s rays. It will also prevent evaporative heat loss.

If a pool is uncovered, it loses surface heat at a rapid rate. Preventing heat loss has significant financial implications.

A pool blanket is cleverly designed, so don’t think you’ll get similar results by using a large sheet of plastic.

How effective are they? Recent research has shown that solar pool covers can be up to 95% effective at stopping heat loss and water evaporation. A swimming pool will still absorb solar energy without a blanket but nowhere near as much.

A solar cover will also prevent the chemicals in your pool from degrading as UV radiation will affect it. Your chemicals will last longer with a solar cover.

You may need a reel system to haul the cover onto the water, guiding it on and off. If you think that may be too tricky, consider investing in an automatic rolling system.

What Type Is Best?

There are plenty of pool solar covers on the market, but if your primary aim is to retain heat then try to go for one which is blue in colour. Semi-transparent blue covers are better at trapping heat in the pool. You’ll find that they also block UV rays more effectively and are one of the most popular on the market. Solar covers are available in a variety of thicknesses. A mid-range thickness of around 12mm is probably ideal. A good solar cover should last you between four and six years. It may be designed to trap the heat, but naturally, over time, intense solar rays will damage it.

A pool cover can help to extend your swimming season by maintaining the right temperature and protecting the water from becoming dirty. Ensure you pick the right size and make sure it’s tough, and you shouldn’t experience any problems.

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