Should I Get An Automation System For My Pool?

Should I get an automation system for my pool?

Lives have got busier. People are time poor. Who wouldn’t be lured by a pool that can be self-managed, so you can enjoy more time in it rather than looking after it?

It’s easy to understand why one of the biggest current emerging trends is swimming pool automation.

Imagine knowing that when you return from a full day at work, the pool will be ready and waiting for you. You can heat it to the temperature you desire, and set the mood with the lights.

It would be so inviting you’d want to invite your neighbours over as well!

What is pool automation?

Pool automation is an extension of a smart home, it means less work for you. You can automate your pump, regulate your heating, filter, lighting and sound system – as well as water features – whether that’s bubblers or fountains.

A pool cover can be closed automatically, and can be set to vacuum the pool for you.

Balancing pool chemicals can be a complicated process. Modern automated systems have the capability to analyse chemicals and oversee pH control to regulate the water, dispensing the right amount of chemicals required. Just think of the hours saved on manual tedious pool testing.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

How does it work?

An automation control panel is the heart of your pool automation system. It’s hardwired but can be linked to an app on your phone through your internet connection or Wi-Fi. You can get automation systems for your spas and hot tubs as well as pools.

Settings can be customised. You can create a seasonal setting with specific water temperatures and a maintenance schedule depending on the usage of the pool.

Automated systems are installed when you buy your pool although it can be added later if you prefer.

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Why are they so beneficial?

With rising electricity and water bills, automation can add up to increased savings as well as improved water quality. A pump controlled through your automation system means that you only run your pool equipment when necessary.

Your pool will probably enjoy greater longevity because it’s receiving better care and maintenance under an automated system, and you will have peace of mind knowing that it’s more self-sufficient.

Technology that saves money and simplifies maintenance will always be popular with pool owners. Over the past five years, prices have come down as demand increases.

If your pool knowledge is limited and you lack time for proper pool maintenance, an automation system is the safe and easy solution. With prices starting from $3,000 it’s within reach of most people.

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