How To Save Money On Chlorine Costs

Did you know that one of the biggest maintenance costs to your pool is chlorine? It comes in many forms – tablet, powder or liquid.

Every pool needs chlorine because it kills bacteria and prevents algae growth. Most importantly it protects swimmers from common waterborne illnesses such as legionella and cryptosporidium.

Around 70% of pool owners use chlorine tablets, and if you own a saltwater pool you’ll be producing chlorine from salt during the electrolysis process.

As the summer heats up, we’re offering some tips to help keep chlorine costs down.


Keep Your pH Water Level Around 7.4

We all need balance in life, well extend that philosophy to keeping a check on your pool’s pH balance.

Did you know that if your pH level is too high your chlorine is less efficient? For example at 8.4 or over that amount, 70% of your chlorine is wasted. The optimum level is 7.4.

Don’t reduce chlorine levels too much in an attempt to make your chlorine more effective. The lower the pH level the more acidic it can become which in turn may make your skin irritable.

Add Chlorine Stabiliser

Stabilisers reduce the destructive effect of ultra violet light on chlorine. A pool stabiliser, also called a pool conditioner is a chemical additive to extend the life of the chlorine in the pool. One of the most common chemicals used for the prevention of chemical loss is cyanuric acid.

Chlorine evaporates rapidly when exposed to UV rays. Chlorine stabiliser helps to protect the chlorine from degrading. Research has shown that in intense sunlight even in shallow water, chlorine can reduce by up as much as 90%.


Put Chlorine In At Night

Because of strong UV rays, it’s best to put your chlorine into your pool at night. By releasing chlorine during the evening the chemical will do the stuff it’s meant to do such as oxidising the sweat and suntan lotion that has built up in your pool during the day.

Use Your Pool Cover

A swimming pool cover is not just for keeping debris off your swimming pool in the winter months! In the summer a cover reduces chlorine dissipation as it stops the sun’s rays from reflecting on the water reducing the cost of chlorine replacement.

It means your chemical usage will significantly decrease and you’ll be saving your hard eared money.

A swimming pool cover is not just for keeping debris off your swimming pool…it means your chemical usage will significantly decrease…

Purchase Your Chlorine In Bulk

Buy your chlorine in bulk – it always works out cheaper. As long as you have room to store the chlorine you can’t go wrong. Chlorine never goes off, so you can purchase it in the knowledge that it will last for a long time. What you don’t use this year can be used next year. Don’t forget empty chlorine drums can usually be returned to your pool shop for a deposit refund.

If you buy in bulk you might be paying more upfront, but you can guarantee the cost of the chemicals per kilo is lower.

Swimming pool maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re thinking of buying a swimming pool, read our Google reviews of our in-ground fibreglass pools. Come and take a look at pools for yourself at the Barrier Reef Pools Perth display centres in O’Connor, Mandurah, and Joondalup and find one suited to your family.

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