How To Prepare Your Pool For Winter

How To Prepare Your Pool For Winter

As the air cools down and we draw close to winter months, you’ll need to start thinking about what you’ll be doing with your pool.

You have a choice to maximise its usage and keep it open in the winter months or to close it down. If you’re shutting it down, it’s always good to follow a routine to ensure it’s in excellent condition when it’s opened again in the spring.

Autumn Clean

Give it that one, final Autum clean. Scrub the interior of the pool to remove any green algae and give it a good vacuum. Clear the lint basket which is attached to the pump and do the same with the skimmer baskets.

Check Your Chemical Levels

Before you close it with a cover, adjust the chemicals. You’re looking to reach an alkalinity level of 100 and 150 parts per million, and ideally, the calcium should reach 200 to 300 parts per million. Your pH levels should be between 7.2 and 7.8.

Clean Your Filter

Clean your filter removing any dirt or black residue. Remove grease or oil deposits as these may harden over winter. If you have a sand or diatomaceous earth filter (DE), give it a good backwash. For a cartridge filter, put it in a filter cleaner.

Over winter the need for filtration isn’t so high. You can carry on filtration even if the pool is covered up. You should set it for a few hours a day in the winter months.

Clean The Pool

The pool will need to be cleaned. This is to kill off anything which may want to grow over the colder months. You need to use a product which is strong enough to do its job effectively to kill off any bacteria for a length of time. So that the chlorine gets evenly distributed, run the pump and water for several hours and don’t over do it, you may cause staining on the pool and discolour it.

Prevent Algae Growth

Algae will make your pool look dirty, so ensure you treat your pool with an algaecide to prevent the water from becoming cloudy and murky. Leave 24 hours between shocking the pool and adding the algaecide as chlorine will break down the algaecide and prevent it from working.

Put On A Pool Cover

A pool cover will trap the heat in the pool water. This helps to stabilise the water chemistry and reduces the amount of time to reheat the pool in the spring. It also keeps debris out of the pool, preventing leaves and muck from contaminating the water.

Pack It Away

Any toys or fixtures need to be cleaned and packed away. Collapse any inflatables. It’s an excellent time to undertake any maintenance, especially if paving stones have moved or cracked.

Check your pool chemical levels at least once per month over the winter period and remove the pool cover, so that you can make any adjustments to the pool chemistry.

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