DIY Swim Pool Care Tips

DIY Swim Pool Care Tips

A swimming pool will guarantee hours of fun and enjoyment, but with pool ownership also comes pool responsibility and care. While it’s great to dream of paying a maintenance man to take care of your swimming pool, the reality is that it could work out to be expensive with you having to fund an hourly bill of up to $90 an hour.

For many Australians, the preferred option to maintain a pool is the DIY approach – and it doesn’t have to be very arduous.

The Facts

If you fail to maintain your pool, it will fall into disrepair and no one will want to use it. Looking after a pool can take just half an hour every fortnight, slightly more in the peak season.

In the warm summer months, extreme heat will kill off chlorine, so if your pool is neglected it could go green within a matter of weeks.

Don’t let maintenance become an afterthought, if the walls turn green and the filter gets clogged, you’ll know that you’re not devoting enough time caring for it.

Sort Out A Schedule

Waiting until problems arise could end up costing you time and money, so establish a regular cleaning routine.

A pool log is a great way of keeping track of your chemical readings and water temperatures. It’s always good to get the whole family involved. Don’t be scared to share out tasks, even young children can empty the skimmer basket and test the water. Let all family members become involved.

Basic Tasks

Around a fifth, or 19%, of Perth residents own a pool, which is higher than any other city in Australia, so there’s plenty of online advice to guide you.
Reading our blogs is a great way to become more familiar with aspects of pool care, so set some time aside to sharpen your knowledge.
For maximum enjoyment, your pool needs to be clean and inviting. Key maintenance tasks include:

  • Skimming the surface of the pool for debris
  • Scrubbing the pool with a brush to prevent algae blooms
  • Emptying skimmer baskets
  • Checking the filter, pump, heater and chlorinator and cleaning when necessary
  • Testing water and adding the right amount of chemicals
  • Backwashing the pool
  • Checking water levels


Water needs to be clean and safe, so check your PH levels, acidity and alkalinity fortnightly. Most swim pool shops will test your water, especially if you buy your chemicals from them, or you can buy over the counter water testing kits.

To sanitise your pool, chlorine will be needed. Saltwater pools are becoming ever more popular in Australia, but they don’t eradicate the need for chlorine. Saltwater pools use salt chlorinators to convert salt crystals into chlorine gas which is soluble in water.

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