What Does Your Favourite Swimming Pool Stroke Say About You?

What Does Your Favourite Swimming Pool Stroke Say About You?

Us Aussies love to swim, and if the 20 medals we won in the pool at the Tokyo Olympics are anything to go by, we’re pretty good at it too! But did you know you can tell a lot about a person by how they move in the pool? We thought we’d dive deep and take a whimsical look into what your favourite swimming pool stroke says about you…


The Starfish

The starfish likes nothing more than floating around the pool with their arms and legs out wide. The starfish is a cool, calm and collected character, seen mostly with shades on and a cold drink in their hand.

The Doggy Paddler

This person is fun to be around and won’t stray too far from you.  This person just wants to stay afloat – and aren’t in a hurry to go anywhere. They may not be the most confident of swimmers, but they’ll be happy to spend all day in the pool.

The Well-Behaved Breaststroker

You won’t find the breaststroker splashing about and getting everyone around them soaked. Oh no, this is a well-behaved swimming companion who likes to keep their face dry and their eyes on the wall ahead. Whatever you do, don’t dunk them underwater or you might come across their fiery side.

The Bobber

The bobber hasn’t come to the pool to swim, instead, they’ll just while away the days bobbing up and down in the water and having an intense conversation with anyone who’ll listen. Don’t expect them to get out of the way when you swim towards them as they are normally too focused on their conversation to be aware of anything around them!

The Length Buster

This person isn’t in the pool to have fun. Instead, they have a length target in mind and won’t stop their front crawl until they’ve beaten their personal best. They’re also likely to be wearing top of the range swimming goggles and caps and have an isotonic drink waiting for them by the side of the pool. They take swimming very seriously.

The Water Sports Enthusiast

The joker, the life and soul of the party, and the one who’ll drag you into a game of dodge ball, water polo or general noisy and splashy antics. They are the complete opposite of the well-behaved breaststroker, so be wary if you have both types on your pool party guest list!

The Trainee Olympian

The trainee Olympian means business and thinks nothing of being in the pool early perfecting their butterfly while everyone else is in bed. Any sign of water and they instantly think of being in Paris in 2024. Don’t stand in their way, just take the credit for helping them train in your pool when they reach the podium.

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