What Are The Swimming Pool Trends For Summer?

What Are The Swimming Pool Trends For Summer?

As we nudge closer to a new swimming pool season, we dive deep into the latest trends in Australian swimming pools. With closed borders and people staying within their state, no wonder swimming pool enquiries have trebled over the past year.

Time to wade through the options and discover the must-haves this summer.


Splash Out On The Surrounding Space

COVID-19 has meant extra time at home and more hours spent around the swimming pool as well as within it.

Pool owners are looking at adding extra living space around their pool by creating pergolas, gazebos, shade sails, and overhead structures. Underneath are barbecues and outdoor kitchens so you can serve dinner and drinks where everything is within easy reach.

Stay Smart

Do you know that the internet is still less than thirty years old? The swimming pools of tomorrow are about smart technology. Just as our homes have become connected – swimming pools are too. A smart pool means less maintenance and increased safety.  

You can monitor your pools, temperature, and chemical levels from a distance and create your personal light show using the latest technology. Let your swimming pool welcome you home from work with your lighting display which you can control via an app on your phone.

Go Dark For Drama

When it comes to pool colours, the trend is to go dark. Water is always clear, but a pool finish will affect the appearance of your water. A dark coloured pool will mimic a deep ocean or lake to create richness and vibrancy.

Barrier Reef’s darkest shades are Midnight Shimmer and Royal Blue Shimmer. Dark blues retain heat better than light blues and look ultra-contemporary. The colour of your pool water will also depend on the depth of your water – the deeper, the darker it will appear.

Small And Simple

It may not have escaped your notice that backyards are getting smaller. When it comes to pool size – bigger is not always better, and this coming season the message is to keep it simple.

Why have a large pool when a smaller one will suffice? A narrow and sleek swimming pool can be just as impressive as a large one and will not swamp your backyard. Plus added advantage – it will be cheaper to run, use less water and energy.  

Sun Ledge Has The Edge

Sun shelves, tanning ledges, pool ledges, or shelf baja – whatever you want to call them, all add a fun and functional element to any pool.

Cast your eye over a swimming pool with a pool ledge and see how many people make regular use of it. The shallow strip around the edge of the pool where you can stand is the perfect place for children to splash around. For adults, an area to relax and soak up the sun.

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