Plastic Pools! What Are The Pros And Cons?

Everybody likes owning a backyard pool. But unfortunately, not all can have one due to budget and space constraints. The summer is here, and getting a pool for your family would be a great idea but can you really afford and accommodate a traditional pool? Is there no alternative?

Inflatable pools! Yes, plastic pools are an alternative but again, they come with their own advantages and drawbacks.

If you are considering buying a plastic pool but want to know the pros and cons associated with it before purchasing, this article is for you.

Let us explore the factors you should consider when buying an inflatable pool. You can also check out the alternative pool options in this article.


Understanding The Plastic Pool

Do you know how a plastic pool is? Well, most of you might think an inflatable pool is a tiny pool where a couple of young children can sit, splash the water, and have fun. No, we are talking about modern plastic pools. They are attractive, easy to blow up and can comfortably accommodate a group of adults. Surprised?

Plastic pools have also evolved over time. While the basic version is a big paddling pool with no special features, you can choose to get a high-end plastic pool with metal frames for extended lifespan. Vinyl pools are a popular option when it comes to plastic pools, and they can be installed in-ground or above your yard. It is up to you to decide.

Pros Of Buying A Plastic Pool

Everyone knows a plastic pool is less durable compared to the other pool options such as fibreglass and concrete. Then why would anyone invest in a blow-up pool? There are advantages associated with buying a plastic pool, and we have listed some of the very significant ones here.


Plastic pools cost far lesser than the other pools. If you are tight on cash and budget-conscious, a plastic pool might well work out for you. You can get an inflatable pool for less than $200. Most importantly, it wouldn’t make much difference even if you decide to go with a big plastic pool that can accommodate many adults at a time. Installing a plastic pool doesn’t take much time and effort, while it is easy to maintain. The upkeep costs are also low with inflatable plastic pools.

Highly Convenient

It is agreed that plastic pools are not as long-lasting as the other pools, but they stand out in terms of convenience. Setting up a plastic pool in your backyard can be a DIY project, meaning you can buy an inflatable pool, transport it to your backyard and do the installation without any expert help. Further, you don’t need to spend a fortune on pool maintenance as this can be done quickly and with ease in your free time. Basic plastic pools don’t even come with a pump, so you can stay stress-free.


Easy To Enter And Exit

Plastic pools generally sit in-ground, so your small children can effortlessly get into and out of the pool. The walls can be bent, so access is going to be really easy. These pools are also smaller in size compared to the traditional ones, so the chances of your kids getting hurt are also less. This doesn’t mean you can leave your children unmonitored. Adult supervision is a must when kids are around the pool.

Instant Happiness

Unlike other pool options, plastic pools can be brought home and set up in no time. You can blow it up, fill it with water, and let your family into the pool right away. Since summer is nearing, you can quickly get a blow-up pool for your backyard and let your kids enjoy in the cooling waters. It gives instant happiness. You don’t need to go through the hassles of contacting multiple pool companies, getting quotes, and installation. Simply bring one home and cool yourself while letting your children splash water and have great fun!


You cannot move the standard pools once you install them. Plastic pools, on the other hand can be set up wherever you want, drained up and moved from place to place. This is an interesting feature, particularly if you don’t want your pool to sit in one place all the time. You can also take your plastic pool along when you head out for family picnics or weekend getaways with friends.

Plastic Pools Safety

Most people think there are no rules set for plastic pools. If you are buying a plastic pool, and its depth is more than 300 mm, it has to meet the 1926 Australian Standard. According to this standard, your plastic pool should be surrounded by a high fence (1.2m) on all the sides, while every gate should self-close or self-latch. Additionally, you should define a 900mm non-climbable zone outside the pool fence. You cannot leave anything within this space that can be used to climb on.

Kindly follow the safety protocols and regulations to ensure your family stays safe. Failing to abide by the rules will also invite fines from the authorities.

After understanding the pros of buying a plastic pool, let us now explore the cons.


Cons Of Buying A Plastic Pool

Low On Durability

Plastic pools are no doubt convenient and safe, but they lack durability. Yes, these inflatable pools are not long-lasting since they tend to break and tear easily. Initially, it will be all fun, but over time, you will need to spend more time doing the patchwork. Pool chemicals will also damage the material, so don’t expect fun over the long term. You need to often buy patch kits, and soon you will feel the need for replacement.

Cannot Withstand The Harsh Winter

Some plastic pools cannot even withstand the severe winter conditions in Australia. You should drain your pool and put it away until the weather improves. However, if you got a large inflatable pool, ensure to maintain the water level under the skimmer line. This protects your plumbing from the freezing waters, which could otherwise crack.

What Are The Alternatives To Plastic Pools?

If you don’t find the plastic pool feasible, don’t worry. There are other options you can consider. For instance, a fibreglass pool is highly affordable and does not break your wallet. It is also easy to maintain, so you don’t need to worry about the monthly upkeep expenses too. A fibreglass pool can be installed in minimum time, meaning your family can gear up to enjoy pool time within a few weeks after you placing the order.

Fibreglass pools are available in a wide range, long-lasting and will be there in your backyard to serve you and your family for years down the line.

Short of backyard space? Consider buying a plunge pool. It is smaller in size but offers the same thrill and fun as any other pool. A fibreglass plunge pool can easily sit in your small backyard, is affordable and low on maintenance.

Plunge pools are available in different sizes and depths, so you get to choose the one perfect for your family needs.

Buy A Fibreglass Pool Today!

If you are on the lookout for a pool stronger than a plastic pool, we recommend buying a fibreglass pool. Contact your local pool company to check on the fibreglass pool options and choose a design and shape that best fits your space. Pay less and have fun for decades!

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