How To Add Shade Around Your Pool

You can guarantee that any Australian will say that one of the best things about this country is the weather. Of all the major cities, Perth has more hours of sunshine than any other – an annual of 3,200 a year.

A swimming pool will cool you down, but when you get out of the pool, what are the best fixtures that provide shade and protection?

We’ve come up with a few suggestions to offer shelter from the harsh sun while also protecting your furniture from sun bleaching.


Sail Shades

Why not keep it nautical and invest in a sail shade? A sail shade is so-called because it resembles a sail on a yacht. Essentially it’s a large piece of hardwearing fabric that connects to stainless steel posts or supports. Shade sails first originated in Australia in the 1980s. They are visually stunning, elegant and affordable.

With stainless steel wire edging and fixtures and fittings, a sail shade stretches tight so it won’t sag, pucker, shrink or warp. If the heavens open and you experience a summer thunderstorm, it will keep you dry. Sail shades are robust and both weather-resistant and tear-resistant.

You can easily extend the shade over your pool as well. Sail shades are semi-permanent structures, so you can easily take them down.


We’re not talking about your average garden umbrella – we mean wide umbrellas that can easily offer five-metre squares of protection with one single support column. Outdoor umbrellas have a minimal design and will complement a modern home.

With aluminium frames and stainless steel fittings, umbrellas offer sun and wind protection – up to 100km per hour. They can be bolted down or anchored into your ground.

You can adjust the umbrellas to shade both you and the pool from the sun.


Electric Awnings

Foldaway awnings have been around a long time. During the Roman Empire, retractable fabric awnings sheltered the amphitheatres and stadiums – including the Colosseum in Italy. So why not do as the Romans do?

Electric awnings over patios and decks have lateral arms and can retract against your house. When folded, they are discrete with clean lines. With modern technology and for ease of operation, you can also set your electric awning to come on automatically.

A plus point – you can remove the shade when it isn’t required or have it semi-open to create partial shade.



We had to mention nature’s alternative. You could easily have trees around your backyard but beware if they’re close to your swimming pool, you’ll forever be netting up leaf debris. If you plant trees strategically, they’ll provide shade without leaving any leaves in the water.

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