Design Ideas For Your Pool Area

Design Ideas For Your Pool Area

A fibreglass pool can be more than a simple pool: it can be an excuse to transform your backyard and finally implement that design you’ve been keeping in your back pocket for ages!

In all seriousness, the right pool can serve as the spectacular centrepiece to a multitude of different designs, all envisioned by you. Prospective pool owners can look forward to re-landscaping their garden around their pool, crafting a poolside area complete with seating, and transform an empty space into a family-friendly area. With the right pool, you can let your creativity run wild!


Consider A Colour Scheme

So, what is a colour scheme in the first place? Well, you may have heard similar titles such as mood boards or colour stories. Essentially, a colour scheme is a recurring colour, or set of colours, that runs throughout your pool area to create design unity and aesthetic cohesion. You may consider a certain shade of green to be your colour scheme, and have this colour run through the seating of your poolside area, the surface of your pool, pool colour, nearby plants, pool toys and even your swimmers!

By designing a common thread in your pool area’s colour palette, you can achieve a stunning design that looks professional and pleasing.

Plants Can Add A Natural Look To Your Pool

On the subject of plants, they can be a great addition to uplifting your pool area design. Not only can they coordinate with your colour scheme, (you’d be surprised at how many different colours of plants there can be!) but they can add another layer to your pool’s design. Some pool owners will be happy with a concrete or timber decking around their pool, but others may crave a more natural look – this is where plants come in. 

Plants can also help with privacy: shrubs that grow tall enough can form a sort of natural barrier that will reduce the visibility of your pool area from the outside world. This will also reduce noise from your neighbours. 

Consider using unique flora combinations, such as creeping plants to decorate any nearby fencing or stepping stones winding through a small garden area to enter your pool area.


Allow Room To Adjust For Each Season

Pools are typical a summer affair and rightly so: our phenomenal pool colours truly shine in the Australian sun. 

But the savviest designers will know that each season is only temporary and adjust their designs for each cycle. An example of this could be leaving a set of warm and cozy blankets outside during the winter. A nearby fibreglass pool can be thoroughly relaxing while you sip away on a hot chocolate to beat the chill of winter – add a blanket onto this and you’re set! 

Another seasonal design idea that some pool owners like to implement is the use of stationery umbrellas during the hotter months. It’s likely that during the summer months you’ll be using your pool regularly; an umbrella or shaded area can protect you from the sun while you swim or lounge about on your sundeck. It’s just a bonus that a pool umbrella can infuse a tropical look into your backyard too!

…Different seasons will call for different designs – always leave room to adjust so you can make the most of your poolside area…

Trendy Furniture Is Great, But Make Sure To Stay Comfy!

We’ve spoken a lot about design choices in this article, as well as emerging trends that you can emulate to lift your home’s outdoor aesthetic. But it bears importance to remember one thing: sometimes, nothing beats being comfy! 

It’s all well and good to focus on making your pool area look its best, but don’t forget to make sure you actually enjoy using it. A few extra cushioned chairs or lounges can go a long way to making your pool area more inviting. You’ll also likely end up spending more time out there overall if you’re comfortable while doing so.

A Centrepiece Can Tie It All Together

Your pool is a natural showstopper; but if you want to take it to the next level, you may consider an additional showpiece. Such a piece could be a stunning fountain or water feature associated with your pool. A centrepiece could also be a more personal, artistic design: think of a sculpture, wall art, or even something you’ve created yourself! 

A centrepiece is the most instantly recognisable part of your overall design. Ensure that the statement it makes is something that brings you joy and infuses a part of your personality.  

Of course, there is one last element that will bring the design of your pool area to the next level: a fibreglass pool! Now that you know exactly how to make your backyard look its best, it’s time to choose the focus of that design. At Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we have premium, one-of-a-kind pools that look stunning in any home! View our pool ranges today.

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