Common FAQ’s About Small Fibreglass Pools

Smaller pools are a great choice for many reasons, and if you are considering one for your home, you’ll have some questions understandably. We get a tone of questions about them here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common ones to help answer them.


What Is Considered A Small Pool?

While the definition of a small pool can vary slightly, it’s generally any pool that’s less than 7 metres in length and 3.5 metres in width however, lap pools, while not small as such are long and narrow and can fit in backyards with limited space, the shape is just different. You can expect most smaller pools to have a depth of around 1.2 metres and lap pools around 1.5 metres.

What Small Pools Do you Offer?

The great thing about our collection is that most of our smaller pools are simply shrunken versions of our larger swimming pools, which means you are getting the same design and features only in a more compact size. Here are some of our most popular smaller pools to choose from:

Why Should I Choose A Small Pool?

Believe it or not, smaller pools have grown in popularity quite rapidly in recent years. We put this down to shrinking block sizes. While our backyards are getting more petite, the great Australian dream of owning a swimming pool hasn’t wavered, so rather than forgoing a pool altogether, homeowners are choosing smaller pools to accommodate their backyards. There are many benefits to choosing a smaller swimming pool. Here are some of them:

Ideal For Heating – As smaller pools aren’t as big; they don’t take as long to heat up as their larger counterparts. This can save you money on your running costs.

Accessories Are Cheaper – Things such as pool covers and robotic cleaners tend to be more affordable than if you were buying them for a bigger pool.

Perfect To Pair With Spa Jets – A lot of our smaller pools have generous bench seating as they are primarily used for relaxing. When paired with swim jets, you can have your very own spa and pool combo.

Save Water – Little pools use less water which is not only better for the environment but for your back pocket too.

Consume Less Energy – Usually, the equipment needed to run a small pool doesn’t have to be as powerful as a family pool and subsequently doesn’t use as much electricity.

Fewer Chemicals Are Required – Typically, you won’t need to use the volume of chemicals you would for a bigger pool, so the chemicals you buy go further.

They Have Quality Features – Just because you purchase a small pool doesn’t mean it is going to be lacking in quality. They still have all the quality features you’d find in larger pools.

Allows More Room In Your Backyard For Other Things – While we all love our pools, we don’t spend every minute of our spare time in them. By choosing a smaller pool, you can free up space for other things such as a grassy patch for the kids or an entertainment area.

Paving And Fencing Are More Economical – As the area around your pool is smaller, not as much material is needed for paving and fencing.


My Backyard Is Very Small, Will A Pool Fit?

It’s hard to give a definite answer to this question because it will depend on how small your backyard is. When installing a pool, you need to factor in room for other components such as the surrounds and pool fencing. Our smallest pool is 4.2 m by 1.6 m. If you don’t have room for this size plus flooring and fencing, your backyard may still be able to fit a spa. Sometimes homeowners with very little room in the backyard, opt for a front yard install. To give you an exact answer, it’s best to speak with one of our professional team members to discuss what options are available to you.

Can I Do Laps In My Small Fibreglass Pool?

A smaller pool may not be ideal for doing laps although, it can be! By installing swim jets at one end of your pool, you can swim laps until your heart is content. They work by propelling water toward the swimmer, which is used as resistance to swim against, giving you a killer workout. You can control the intensity that the water comes out of the jets, and they can be used to massage achy muscles after a workout, so its win, win.

Are Small Pools Cheaper?

This is a question we get asked frequently, while a smaller pool installation does require slightly less excavation, the same machinery and equipment are needed to complete the job, and you are still getting a top-quality pool. So, to answer the question, yes, they are cheaper but not drastically.

Can A Small Pool Be Installed Above Ground?

Yes! Our entire series can be installed above or partially above ground, small pools included. Sometimes this can give you a better result, especially if your block is sloping or is an awkward layout.

Are The Running Costs Less For A Small Pool?

Typically, yes. The equipment needed to run a smaller pool doesn’t need to be as powerful to get the job done. The volume of the pool is less, so it doesn’t take as long to circulate the pool water. This means you don’t have to run your pump for as long, and they are the biggest energy consumers of all your pool equipment. Heating costs are less, chemical use is lower and cleaning time is reduced due to the smaller size. If you choose to have an automatic or robotic cleaner, they don’t need to run for as long to clean the pool entirely.

Does Choosing A Small Pool Leave Me With Limited Options?

Absolutely not! Well, not with us! We have a generous selection of modestly sized pools ranging in styles, colours, and designs. With clever plant placement or spa jets, you can create a stunning design feature in your backyard.

How Do I Know If A Small Pool Is A Good Choice For Me?

One of the easiest ways to decide if a small pool is a good choice for you or not is by figuring out what you want to use your pool for. Do you want to host big pool parties? If yes, maybe a small pool isn’t the best choice. If you want a modest pool to soak and relax in with the family, perhaps a small pool will be an ideal solution for your swimming needs.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Small Pool?

As our fibreglass shells are pre-made, they are relatively quick to install. When the weather is on our side, and there are no delays in permits, one of our small pools can be installed in as little as 7 days. The average timeframe is 7 days to 3 weeks.

How Can I Get More Information On A Small Pool For My Home?

Contact our friendly team! We are happy to answer any questions we may have missed in this post.

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