6 Of The Best Swimming Pool Features For Your Home

It’s the 21st century, and there is no reason for your pool to be a bland body of water. With new technologies being introduced on a daily basis, it is time you give your swimming pool a tech upgrade.

New-age tech focused on things that make the pool more enjoyable and features that increase the utility of the pool. From built-in spas to jet systems, our pool designers can incorporate a number of features into your pool. These can be customized to your needs and certainly add an undeniable charm to your pool.


1. Built-In Spas

As the name suggests, these convert your pool into a spa in a matter of minutes. Now you can enjoy the cool water during the day and have warm water at night to soak yourself in. There are a few ways to incorporate a spa into your pool, but here are the most common ones.

Integrated Spa

This kind of spa is located inside the swimming pool itself and is an integral part of the design of the pool. The location of the spa can be determined by you and the spa can be separated from the rest of the pool by a dam wall. This wall prevents the water from mixing with each other.

You can have the tiles in the spa section in a different color as compared to the rest of the pool. This will indicate the designated area of the spa and you won’t have trouble locating it. The contrast gives a unique aesthetic appeal to the pool and a unique look.

Attached Spa

An attached spa is built adjacent to the pool and exists as a separate architectural entity. Although it is separated, it can blend into the pool and have a different shape compared to the pool.

It can also be elevated or in the ground and one of the pool walls will act as a dam wall. This makes the two things look more cohesive.

Spillover Spa

A pool with a raised spa will give you the option of having a spillover spa. In such a spa, the wall is raised to create a spillover effect of water into the pool.

This also adds a lot of aesthetic appeal to your pool.

Integrated Spa


Attached Spa


Spillover Spa

2. Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is a shallow shelf in your pool that, in most cases is 9-inches deep and 5 -feet wide. It acts as an entry to your pool and is deep enough for you to be in the water without you needing to swim or float. Most people use it to dip their toes and relax and some use it to read books and cool off. It has become increasingly popular due to the versatility it adds to the pool.

Also known as the baja shelf or the sun shelf, it is a great way to add a shallow section to your kids and pets’ pool. It is a great way to cool off after a hectic day or spend the day in the water lazing around.

The dimensions of the tanning ledge will vary depending on the pool design and how big you want it to be. They are usually 5-8 feet wide which gives pool owners enough area to get a few chairs in if they please to do so.

The depth of the ledge will also determine how deep your tanning ledge is. For example, a 9-inch deep ledge will be able to give you around 6-inches of water on the tanning shelf.

At max, the ledge should be 12-inches in depth as it will allow you to have 9-inches of water on the shelf. Any more than that and your furniture might float away to the other side. This is also the ideal length for kids and pets as 9-inches of depth is harmless to most.

Tanning Edge On The Sunseeker Range


3. Seating

Pools can be a great way to socialize and host events like parties or get to gathers. It is also a great excuse to get people into your home and get them to know better. A pool is also a great way to spend time with your family. Your kids and pets will definitely enjoy it in the summers.

For all this to happen, you need a seating solution too. If you plan on having people around the people it is best that you have a seating solution too. A deck or platform to have all the chairs is a great way to make your pool a social hotspot. People can sit and relax or talk to other people. Such a dedicated seating place makes your pool great for getting to know people.

4. Jets

Whether it be swim jets or spa jets these will definitely make the experience of owning a pool lot more enjoyable for you. If you want to use your pool for exercising and doing laps with a swim jet is a great way to increase the difficulty. If you swim against the jet you will get a full-body workout. Despite having a smaller pool you would be able to get a good workout just by swimming in your swim jet-laden pool.

If you would like to relax or get a massage while being in the pool a spa jet is a great way to relax too. These can be easily installed and makes your pool a great way to unwind after a stressful day.

Jets On The Majestic Range

5 Auto Cover

Pool covers are one of the most important things that one needs to maintain a pool. They prevent evaporation and also do not let debris fall into the people. It also makes your pool safe from accidents as some animals have a tendency to get stuck in bodies of water.

An automatic cover works like a retractable roof which can cover or uncover the pool as you please. The pool covers can now be customized so that they match the aesthetics of your backyard. Traditionally these were an eyesore but with modern technology, they are now more customizable than ever.

6. Water Features

A water feature is simply something that you can add to your pool to give a visual enhancement or change the experience of your pool. They can be purely decorative or utilitarian in their nature. For example a waterfall can make your pool look more relaxed or a fountain can add a certain charm to it.

Many features like bubblers, spouts, and grotto are now available that make your pool more of an experience than a plain body of water. The size of your pool will determine which features can be installed.

Adding the above mentioned features can make your pool and a great experience for everyone. It can become the centerpiece of your backyard and have all the amenities to host people too. Such a feature laden pool will help you make fond memories that you will remember for years to come by. Contact a pool builder now and ask for a quote. They will also be able to help you decide on features and what all would be possible or your current pool.

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