5 Reasons To Swim In Your Pool In The Winter

5 Reasons To Swim In Your Pool In The Winter

Who says you should stop using your swimming pool in the winter months? For good physical and mental health, it’s better to be exercising outside where you are at one with nature.  

Go back in history, and you’ll know that for centuries cold water therapies were used to improve our health and well-being. Here are five great reasons to keep you in your bathers this winter and to use your outdoor fibreglass swimming pool.

Improves Your Circulation

Scientists agree there are enormous benefits to taking a cold shower – the same principle applies when you swim in a pool where the temperature is lower. As the water wraps around your body, your blood pumps harder to improve circulation to make you energised. A dip in cool water will also ease away any aches and pains, plus it helps to sharpen the brain and stave off dementia.  

Feel Alert

Cooler water increases the body’s metabolism because it has to work to maintain a stable temperature. We all know what that means! Before you get too excited about it being a great weight loss technique, you’ll only see rapid results if you swim laps for long periods.

Swimming in cool water activates endorphins to give you a natural high because it brings you close to the pain barrier. The body naturally produces endorphins when we’re in pain to help us cope with it. Researchers say swimming in cool water can induce euphoria and who doesn’t want to experience that?


Stay Social Year-Round

If you swim in the pool in the winter, you’re doing something unique and rather special. Swim with friends, and it becomes a much enjoyed social event when the days are shorter. Once you’ve completed a few laps, you will have earnt that nice cup of hot chocolate at the end. It will set you up for the day!

Practical Benefits – No Re-Opening The Pool In Spring

If you use your swimming pool all year round, then you will avoid the hassle of re-opening it in the summer months. It can be an arduous task taking off the pool cover and doing all the necessary maintenance following a winter shut down. By keeping your swimming pool open all year, you will reduce algae growth as well.

Take In The Vista

The seasons bring different wildlife, birds, and colour. Swimming in your pool year-round makes you appreciate Mother Nature and the cycle of the year. Admire the changes month-by-month and see the transformations, from the bright flowers of the spring to the gold leaves of autumn. Look up and notice the changes in the sky, brightness levels, and cloud formation.  

A dip in colder water is not just exhilarating, it’s also good for you. At Barrier Reef Pools Perth we have a range of fibreglass pools available in different sizes. The superior gel coat on our pools means they will withstand harsh Australian weather conditions. Come and take a look for yourself at our display centres in O’Connor, Mandurah, and Joondalup and get swimming 365 days a year.

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