Will Rainy Weather Delay The Construction of My Swimming Pool?

A pool is a great investment. It not only raises the value of your property but also helps you bond with family. The designated fun zone of the house, a pool is a great place to relax and destress after a hectic week. Not only that you can also have parties and invite your close ones too.

But getting a pool installed is no easy task and needs a bit of planning on your side too. Early installation is recommended but the prices can soar in peak pol season. So it is recommended to install the pool when the demand is low. This means it is best to get it installed just before the summer or just after it.

The colder weather has its own problem though. Rains can disrupt the process and cause more harm than good. But if you get fibreglass pools, you’ll get a mold right from the factory which will be easier to install and maintain.

So here are a few things to keep in mind when installing the pool in rainy weather Be prepared for delays

On sunny days you do not have to take into account the fact that there will be no rain. But this cannot be said for the weather when the sun isn’t the brightest. You will have to check the weather forecast periodically and also see whether or not there is going to be rain.

This will cause the project to be delayed and construction to be paused. Add to that the logistics delay that will be caused and you can be sure that your project will be delayed a little. You can already be prepared for such delays if you know that it is going to rain during the week. Fibreglass pools are easier to install and you can avoid delays if you get one. It has a short installation time and you can get it up and running in no time.

Your pool contractor will tell you the best time to install a pool and will also tell you about the delays when they are caused. Weather is a major component that needs to be on your side for a pool installation. If that is not the case then it is wise to expect some delays.

The construction site should be dry

If there has been rain or dew you should ensure that the site is dry so that construction can take place. Leave the area to dry as it takes time for it to dry out completely. This can take a week or so easily and you should be prepared to deal with something like this.

The ground should be hard enough to handle the weight of the machinery and if the ground is wet this can be a problem. The drying process will also depend on the humidity and how the weather is after it rains.

In the worst-case scenario is that it rains just after you are done with excavation for your pool. In such a case you will have to leave the site for a week or two to completely dry out. If it rains again during that time you will have to wait from that time again. Fibreglass pools can fit right into the hole where the pool is supposed to be. As soon as the site dries out you can start installing it.

You can ask your pool contractor to use specific equipment to make the drying process quicker. But you will still have to wait a few days before any of the work can begin again. But regardless of the equipment, your pool installation will get delayed.

Structural damage

Rainwater is not pure and distilled water that is falling from the sky. It is a mix of chemicals that can actually harm your pool. If the rainwater accumulates at the pool wall after a heavy downpour then the pool wall can collapse. Soggy soil is more likely to crumble too.

This can get worse if the downpour continues and you will be forced to redo all of the work that has been done till now. It is in your best interest to install a drainage system in your backyard so that the water does stay stagnant in your yard. This is why one should invest in fibreglass pools, they are built to last and easier to maintain too.

As the water seeps into the solid you will have to wait for it to dry out. Soggy soil may not be able to bear the weight of the machinery that will need to be brought in for pool installation.

Wind Interference

Having a uniform pool surface is something that is expected at every pool. But if strong winds are blowing then achieving this balance can be difficult. The granules and debris from the construction will be blown away by the winds in every direction possible. It can slow down drying off the concrete too and you will have to wait longer than usual to proceed with the pool installation.

Windy situations also make it harder to install a pool filter as you will not be able to test it until the winds are subdued. The plaster can dry very quickly when the winds are blowing which makes it prone to cracking.

What about above-ground pools?

It does not matter which type of pool you are installing, when it rains it is best to halt your construction for some time. This is because when the soil gets soggy it won’t be able to provide the much-needed support that it needs. Not only that in the case of the above-ground pool, the soil underneath won’t be able to take the laid and might just collapse in the future.

The soil will get denser when it rains and the above-ground pool will sink into the ground and it will be tough to get it out. When installing an above-ground make sure to leave the excavated area to dry off completely so that there are no complications in the future.

But all this can be avoided if you plan things well with your pool contractor and he has experience in dealing with these kinds of things. A few delays should not dishearten you from getting a pool. It is an investment that will reward you many times over in the future. If your pool contractor has experience then all this should be a breeze.

If you have been looking for a pool contractor feel free to contact us. We have been in the business for a number of years and our excerpts will be more than happy to help you with all your pool-related needs.

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