What are the current trends for swimming pool decking?

What are the current trends for swimming pool decking?

Choosing a new pool is a major decision requiring research, deliberation, and agreement. But once you’ve chosen the right model for your lifestyle, space and budget, don’t leave your decking as an afterthought.

There is as much enjoyment to be had around the water as in it, so take time to ensure your poolside is as on-trend as your pool itself.

Decking style trends in 2020 incorporate details that make your pool area an asset to your property even when the pool is not in use.

Built to suit you

The shape, size and placement of your deck is even more important than the style. Do you want your pool to be a social space? If so, you’ll have to factor in a good-sized deck along at least one side. Is your section on a slope? Clever extended decking can maximise your usable poolside area. Where are the sunniest spots and the coolest shade around the pool? Your decking can be customised to incorporate relaxing areas for sunworshippers and sun-dodgers alike. Built-in seating reduces clutter and is great for turning your pool into a fun living space.

Think of how the deck fits into the rest of your property. Soften the transition from the pool area to the rest of the garden with landscaping and planting, and light your steps and trip hazards with smart deck lighting with colour-changing LEDs operated by app.

But what materials should you choose for a modern 2020s look?


As popular as ever and versatile as well as quick to build, wood lends itself to undulating curves and different levels. Treated pine will do the job cost-effectively but will need regular maintenance to keep it fresh – an opportunity to update your deck’s colour every year or two. Hardwood decks are increasingly sought-after and are long-lasting. Although expensive, they are more resistant to rot so could work out better value in the long run.


Concrete doesn’t have to be boring – this hardwearing deck material can be painted, stained, patterned to resemble bricks or tiles, or scored to look like paving. It is a straightforward and inexpensive job to resurface tired concrete decking to give it a whole new look with a wide range of finishes.


This popular option won’t break the bank but is durable and a chance to get really creative with your deck. Pavers can come in different colours, be full bricks but are more commonly thin brick veneers arranged on top of a concrete base. 

At Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we produce and install quality fibreglass swimming pools and can also help with all your landscaping requirements. No job is too big or small. We are one of the most long-established and trusted pool company’s in Perth so why not pick up the phone and call us today?  


Staycation is the holiday of choice this year, and may well become the norm in future. If you’re looking to recreate a resort hotel vibe, you can’t beat tiled decking to invoke the holiday spirit. Terracotta tiles give a Mediterranean feel or install sand coloured tiles and pretend you’re in Bali. Tiles do tend to date quite quickly; however, it is a simple job to lay new tiles over an older layer for a quick update.


Stone is definitely a top-end option and is the longest-lasting decking material you will find. A natural stone deck will last for many years and lends a timeless and sophisticated look to your pool.

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