Why Does My Pool Pump Make A Noise?

If you’re sitting around your pool and hear a rumbling, it might not be that tummy of yours signalling hunger pains. It could be your pool pump! Rumbling, grinding, screeching and whirring – all point to one thing - your pool pump’s not in a good way.

The swimming pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool to ensure your water circulates, flowing freely through the filter, chlorinator, or heater. A pool pump should be left running 365 days a year – even in winter.

To help detect what may be wrong with your pool pump, here’s a guide to assist you.


Maybe the noises you hear are similar to a coffee grinder, grinding beans or stones rattling around loose. This indicates a lack of water moving through the pump. First area to check is whether your filter’s clean or whether there’s a blockage. Dirt and fragments can easily get lodged in the pump.

The grinding sound may also be worn bearings – they could be rusty and corroded and way best their best.


Snakes alive! If that noise is more of a rattle – investigate the impellor. The pump’s impellor pulls water in and propels it around at a high velocity.

If it’s rattling, take the impellor out and clean the cylinder that houses it, as well as the impellor itself to clear any areas where it may have become clogged.

A loose impeller may also rattle against the pump housing and motor. To fix the problem, tighten it.


From snakes to bees…buzzing, or even a high-pitched noise could be down to a faulty start-up capacitor. A capacitor stores energy that is released to kick start the motor within the pump. It gives the motor torque through a jolt of electricity.

Check out our top maintenance tips here!

Intermittent and unusual noise

If the pool pump is working harder to get the water through, it could be a telltale sign there’s a blockage in your skimmer.

Any items stuck will prevent water from moving through the pump at an even rate. As a result, there may be an inconsistent stop and start noise.

Gurgling noise

A gurgling noise emitting from your pump means the pump is running dry or taking in too much air. A lack of sufficient water could lead to the pump burning out. Pool water should be halfway to the skimmer’s door. If it’s any lower your pump will take in air and give off a gurgle.

It’s easily rectified – just add more water to your pool. If the pump still doesn’t sound right, you might need to purge that excess air and prime your pump.

Pool pumps tend to make more noise as they reach their end of life. If your pump is over twelve years old, it may need replacing.

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