What Are the Best Types Of Automatic Pool Cleaners?

What Are The Best Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners?

One of the worst things about owning a pool is the maintenance and upkeep. The good news is that over a relatively short period of time, automatic pool cleaners have made a dramatic difference in the amount of time and effort needed to clean your pool.

The key is to look for a pool cleaner which has excellent suction. As we head towards the summer season and endless days in the pool, we’ve come up with some guidance on the types of pool cleaners available.


The robotic cleaner has earned a reputation for being one of the best on the market. It works independently, so it’s just the case of lowering it into the water and walking away. It will get on and do the work with no fiddling around with hoses. Set it with a timer and cleaning your pool becomes a reasonably painless process.

A robotic cleaner is plugged into a power outlet. A transformer lowers the voltage of the electricity to a safe level for the water. Some Robotic cleaners are now even cordless.

The cleaner comes with its own filter and pump. It can be programmed to different settings and is easily able to scrub up and suck the debris from the base of the pool and the walls. Because you won’t need to have the full pool circulation system on during the cleaning process, you’ll find them quite energy efficient and can efficiently operate on any shape and size pool.

Suction Pool Cleaner

One of the most common types of cleaners here in Australia is a suction cleaner which makes use of the power coming from a pool pump. It essentially acts as an underwater vacuum cleaner. It skirts around the pool floor as well as the walls sucking up grime and debris. It’s connected to your filtration system with a long plastic hose.

This muck goes into the skimmer basket. Don’t forget to empty it otherwise everything will get clogged up and ensure you regularly undertake backwashes. Suction pool cleaners are energy efficient and reliable. Ensure you check that your pool filter and pump have the capacity to power this type of cleaner.

Pressure Pool Cleaner

Pressure cleaners use water pressure to move and propel itself around the pool. It operates on wheels and can work faster than a suction cleaner.

They use the pool’s pump to power the motor and have their own debris bags which will need cleaning and changing regularly.

Swimming pool cleaners are a wonderful invention. Don’t forget at Barrier Reef Pools we can offer advice on anything and everything to do with swimming pools. We sell pools in different sizes and designs, and with three showrooms in Perth, you can see exactly what you’re buying. As we plunge into the warmer months, why not give us a call today?

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