Cleaning Hacks For Pool Owners

When you join the pool-owning community it’s an exciting time, but it can feel like you have a lot to do just keep your pool in a useable condition. The list of checks, tests and maintenance jobs can appear overwhelming at first.

But experienced pool owners have worked out some hacks, using things you already have at home. They can streamline those jobs and save you time and money and we’re going to share some of them with you.


Pantyhose filters

Keep your water clean and sparking and give your skimmer basket a helping hand by using a stocking or the leg of a pair of pantyhose as a basket liner. Now you can collect the smallest bits of debris such as hairs, grass and small pieces of dirt. It takes the pressure off your filter as well.

Put a sock in it

Staying with legwear, odd socks are the basis of another useful hack. One of the chemicals used regularly in your pool is cyanuric acid (branded as pool stabiliser). These granules are added to the water or your filter to retain chlorine in the water, but if you just throw it in, it makes the pool water cloudy. Instead pour the stabiliser into an old sock, which you then secure with a rubber band, and put it in your skimmer. The stabiliser will dissolve over a few days and do its work without changing the appearance of your water.

Ball games

If you struggle with surface oils on your pool water, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of this one! On sunny days, sunscreen washes off swimmers and ends up floating on top of the water as a greasy scum. The same thing happens with hair products and moisturisers. This fine film traps insects on the surface and clouds your sparkling water. Pop a tennis ball or two into the pool or keep it in your skimmer and the fibres will attract the grease, pet hairs and everything that sticks to it.

Give sand a hand

If your pool uses a sand filter, you may have trouble filtering the very smallest bits of debris that goes through it. A simple hack is to add a spoonful of diatomaceous earth, a multi-purpose powder that is easily bought online or in pet stores. It’s formed from the natural deposit of the fossilised remains of tiny, aquatic creatures know as diatoms. Add a small amount to your filter and it will make the sand clump up to better filter small particles from your pool.

And there’s more!

We’ve just scratched the surface of pool cleaning hacks. Many household cleaning products can be adapted for use with your pool. From cleaning your watermarked tiles with a baking soda paste applied with a toothbrush, to popping tumble dryer sheets in your filter to discourage insects there’s a heap of ideas.

Whatever your issue, there’s a hack for it and we should know as we are the pool experts in Perth, manufacturing top fibreglass pools. At Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we supply pools and spas in different designs and there’s bound to be one to suit your requirements. Come visit one of our showrooms to find out more.

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