Why Rectangular Fibreglass Pools Will Always Be A Favourite Choice!

Swimming pool styles are wide and varied in today’s times. However, that wasn’t always the case. There was a time when rectangular pools were dominant, and even today, they are among the most popular options in terms of pool design.

If you’re thinking of investing in a new swimming pool soon, we recommend a rectangular fibreglass pool. While fibreglass offers its own advantages as pool construction material, it’s the rectangular aspect that we’ll focus on in this post. So, to know why investing in a rectangular swimming pool is a great idea, read on.


1. Low Installation Costs

A rectangle is a simple shape, and it is easy for pool builders to achieve compared to other complex shapes and designs. As a result, the costs associated with the installation of rectangular pools are much lower. So, if you’re someone who’s buying a pool on a budget, rectangular pools are the way to go. For the most cost-efficient results, we recommend a rectangular fibreglass pool, as fibreglass installation costs are also affordable.

2. Practical Shape For Swimmers

If you take swimming seriously, there’s no way you can go for any shape apart from rectangle. It’s the most practical option you’ve got. Just think about it – you start from one end, swim to the opposite end, and simply use the wall to reverse your direction. In pools with complex designs, swimmers will have to keep themselves confined to areas that have flat walls, which would almost certainly feel restrictive.

3. Compatibility With Pool Equipment

Pool equipment such as covers have become quite popular, and in many parts of the world, they’re necessary. However, the vast majority of readymade pool covers are compatible exclusively with rectangle-shaped pools. If you opt for a unique pool shape, you may have to purchase customized equipment, which can be a costly affair.

4. Easier Decor And Furniture Placement

No modern outdoor pool setting is complete without a dash of decor and furniture. After all, it allows the pool to be used not just as a place to swim, but a place to relax and unwind as well. But setting up the furniture can be a tricky process if you go with a complex pool design. It will always be easier for you to set up your chairs, umbrellas, and plants around the rectangular pool compared to other shapes.

5. Matches The Vibe Of Most Properties

Most homes nowadays have rectilinear features, which is why a rectangle-shaped pool would work wonders when paired with them. Apart from looking absolutely stunning visually, it would also make your property’s value soar. Even if you don’t have any plans of selling your home in the near future, this might come in handy a few years down the line if you ever decide to move.

6. The Safest Option If You Have Children

Most kids love swimming pools. However, if you’re a parent or one of the elders in the family, you’ve got to look out for them and prioritize safety over all else. From the safety perspective, no pool shape is safer than rectangle. No matter what mischief your kids make inside a rectangular pool, they’ll never be out of sight as long as you’re around.

7. Better Water Circulation

Circulating water around a rectangular pool is much less challenging compared to other pool shapes. Proper water circulation is imperative, as it allows the water in the pool to have a consistent temperature. If the circulation of water is inefficient, it may lead to ‘cold spots’, which are likely to feel uncomfortable for the swimmer.


8. Hassle-free Manual And Automated Cleaning

Many pool owners still clean their pools manually, even though there’s a growing trend of people purchasing automated pool cleaning solutions for greater convenience. For the most hassle-free cleaning, be it manual or automated, rectangular pools are the best options. The more complex your pool’s shape is, the harder it will be to clean it. So, keep things simple, and reap the rewards.

But Why Fibreglass?

Now that you’ve gone through all the benefits of rectangular pools, you might be wondering why we stressed on fibreglass pools in the beginning of this post. Well, you’ll find out in this section, as we take a closer look at all the pros of fibreglass pools:

  • Rapid installation: Pool installations can take time, and this time directly translates into costs. So, if you want to keep the installation costs low, fibreglass pools are the best option, as their average installation time is around a week. Concrete and vinyl liner pool installations are made more difficult by the weather, i.e. if the weather conditions aren’t right, the installations have to be postponed.
  • Low maintenance costs: You can’t buy a pool and not maintain it. But maintaining a concrete or a vinyl liner pool is expensive, as both pool types are susceptible to micro-organism growth. Over time, algae infestations and other bacterial growth in these pools can also put entire families at risk of developing bacterial infections. However, such micro-organism infestations are rare for fibreglass pools, as their surfaces are crevice-free.
  • Lower risk of sustaining physical damage: Fibreglass is a material that’s high on both strength and durability, which makes it less prone than other materials in terms of sustaining damage. Sure, fibreglass pools may not be the most affordable option in the market. But when you consider the fact that they outlast both concrete and vinyl liner pools, their prices begin to make sense.
  • No replacements needed: A fibreglass pool is a lifetime investment that doesn’t require any replacements. Concrete pools, for example, have resurfacing requirements after a few years. Vinyl liner pools also have replacement requirements, as the liners have to be changed. These requirements typically make concrete and vinyl liner pools more expensive in the long-run.


So, when you combine a rectangle and fibreglass, the results are typically remarkable as far as swimming pools are concerned. The combination of the shape and the material ensure that swimming pools serve a variety of purposes – from durability to convenience to ease of use and more.

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