Pros And Cons Of Letting Your Dog Swim In A Pool

Your dog loves the outdoors and being in the open air, so why not let them enjoy your pool? Some breeds, like Labradors, absolutely adore swimming. The standard Poodle is another pooch that loves the water. Did you know that the Poodle derives its name from the German word pudeln ‘to splash?” 

Others breeds, the Boxer and Basset Hound don’t like water and prefer dry land. Dogs born to swim have sturdy legs. In years past, they would have been hunting dogs and bred to retrieve ducks and wildfowl.

We’ve been paw-ing (excuse the pun) over the pros and cons of letting your dog in a pool.

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A swimming pool will keep your dog entertained for hours. It’s sure to give your four-legged friend a workout. Swimming is perfect for dogs that have joint problems and is a great form of therapeutic exercise. Many people view it as a type of hydrotherapy. One minute of swimming is the equivalent of four minutes of your dog running around. 

When temperatures are scorching, a dip in the pool is a comfortable way for your dog to cool down. Tarmac and paving slabs can heat up and be harsh on their paws. 

You invested in a pool to keep your family entertained. A dog is a family member, so they should be able to enjoy it as much as you! 


If you’re happy for your dog to share the pool, increase your sanitisation. A dog is the equivalent of three humans in a pool. Inevitably it will get dirtier because of mucky paws and matted fur.

Dogs shed fur at an astounding rate! The hair can easily clog up your skimmer and pump basket. Any dog fur and pet debris will add up to more hours of pool maintenance. 

Keep a check on chlorine. If levels are too high, it may cause ear and eye infections, so rinse your pet once they’re out of the water to rid them of any chemicals. 

Swimming can be thirsty, but you wouldn’t want your four-legged friend drinking chlorinated water. Keep a water bowl close to the pool.

Tips For Dogs In Your Pool 

If you are thinking of allowing your dog in the pool, here are some tips:

  • Be mindful that not all dogs are natural swimmers. Some easy tire.
  • Encourage your dog to enter the swimming pool by using any shallow steps. Never throw or push them.
  • Keep dogs in the shallow end because it’s safer.
  • Regularly check your chlorine and pH levels and keep on top of maintenance.
  • Monitor your pump basket. It will need cleaning more often because of dog hairs. 

A pool could be the paw-fect addition for you and your dog. As long as you monitor your dog carefully, they’ll enjoy it as much as you. Are you interested in buying a pool?

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