How Long Does A Fibreglass Pool Last?

How Long Does A Fibreglass Pool Last?

A swimming pool is one of the top must-haves for any Australian backyard. Everyone wants to buy something that represents value for money; no-one wants to make a purchase which they regret later. A critical decision when making a choice about a pool, is its lifespan. Will it ever need replacing and if so when and how can you tell that the time has come for a new one?

Fibreglass pools are among the most durable around. Technology has improved so much that with the latest gelcoat technology, you can expect a swimming pool to last at least thirty years or longer.

What Is A Fibreglass Shell?

A fibreglass pool is made in a one-piece mould in a factory and consists of many layers to make it exceptionally strong. Fibreglass is material of choice for many industries – you’ll also find fuel tanks made of fibreglass because they do not deteriorate, rust, leak or crack.

The mould for a swimming pool should be reinforced and smoothly finished, so it provides a glossy finish with the gelcoat applied in a controlled environment so that it ‘cures’ correctly.

The gelcoat technology used on the shell of fibreglass pools is continuously improving. It should withstand harsh UV sunlight, have superior resistance against chlorine, chemicals and osmosis blistering.

At Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we have several fibreglass layers making it super sturdy and impervious to water. Layers of vinyl ester resin are also applied to increase corrosion resistance and strength, so the product is as tough as steel.

State Of The Art Technology

Barrier Reef Pools Perth manufacture their swimming pools locally in WA in a state-of-the-art climate-controlled plant in Forrestdale.

The warehouse can accommodate 110 different lengths and shapes of pools. The gelcoat technology used on the shell of the fibreglass pools is superior and can also be found in cars and planes, and it provides a sleek, smooth and glossy finish.

Strength And Durability

The key to any good fibreglass pool is ensuring it’s both strong and flexible for any minor movement in the ground. The pool needs to be durable so it can withstand heavy use, but flexible enough to cope with any pressure during the installation process and can move when it’s placed in the soil. A good fibreglass swimming pool should flex but never crack.

Installing a pool is not just about digging a hole, putting the shell in the ground and filling with water; it’s a bit more complicated than that! Other factors to consider, include elements such as access to an electrical supply, laying down coping and patio to ensure the pool won’t ever shift.

Warranty For Reassurance

Fibreglass pools come with extended warranties which gives you the confidence you’re buying something which will last a long time. At Barrier Reef Pools Perth, each of our pools has a lifetime structural and gelcoat warranty which meets both Australian standards, the Swimming Pool and Spa Association recommendations. Come and investigate our swimming pools, we have three showrooms to choose from around Perth in Joondalup, Forrestdale and O’Connor.

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