4 Reasons Your Fibreglass Pool Can Make A Great Investment

4 Reasons Your Fibreglass Pool Can Make A Great Investment

Looking for another reason to make the jump and purchase a fibreglass pool? Looking to get more bang for your home’s buck? Want to just feel good about the fibreglass pool in your backyard right now? Then congratulations, you’ve come to the right article! You may think it’s common knowledge to know that pools are a great investment because they increase the value of your home. But you may find yourself surprised by the unique ways in which a fibreglass pool does so, and the extent of the investment’s value!

Let’s Drill Into The Details

The reasons why a fibreglass pool is a good investment for your home are varied as they are plentiful. But the experts here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth have decided to bring together the very 4 best reasons so that you can start acting on that investment sooner rather than later. From directly raising the value of your home, skyrocketing your poolside area to luxurious designer level appearance, to even making your lifestyle healthier and happier, a fibreglass pool is definitely an investment worth considering. So, let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

Lowest Running Costs Timewise And Financially

So, what exactly makes a good investment? Well, we think it’s one that saves you money in the long term and doesn’t cause any issues for you! Hopefully, you agree with us, because that’s exactly what a fibreglass pool does.

Unlike vinyl pools and concrete, a fibreglass pool has the lowest ongoing maintenance cost on the market. This includes financial costs and time costs; that last one is important, because who wants to spend their weekends cleaning their pools!

Fibreglass pools achieve this low ongoing cost because they do not need to be:

  1. Resurfaced every 10 years like concrete pools – which can cost up to $4,500
  2. Acid washed every 5 years, which includes draining the pool
  3. Or have their lining replaced as vinyl pools do.

What’s more, fibreglass pools are famously resistant to algae blooms, due to their smooth and non-porous surface. 

Less chance of algae also means you can spend less on your cleaning chemicals (such as chlorine, salt and minerals) and save on your budget. What’s more, is that algae can be troublesome and time-consuming to remove. But with a fibreglass pool, you will have a significantly less chance of developing algae in the first place, so say goodbye to that metal scrubber we all hate!

(Psst: just in case you forgot, while vinyl pools have a cheap upfront cost, it’s not uncommon for owners of these pools to have to shell out additional costs over the next few years to keep them running. With a properly cared for fibreglass pool, you can end up saving on ongoing costs in the long term, despite the slightly higher price tag. We think it’s worth it, don’t you?)


Raise Your Property Value

Did you know that – on average – a pool can raise the value of a property from anywhere between $10,000 to $30,000, depending on its size? If that doesn’t scream great investment then we don’t know what will! 

Besides the (sizable) value increase, a pool can vastly increase the appeal of your home to prospective buyers in more subtle ways. Think for example about your target audience: if you’re looking to sell your home to a family (remember: families form the vast majority of home buyers) then what better way to impress them by showing off your award-winning Barrier Reef Pools Perth fibreglass pool! Everybody loves pools – especially children. By investing in a pool, you’ll be making your home family-friendly and irresistible to future home buyers.

Tie Together Your Home’s Design

Are you looking to redesign your old backyard into something more vibrant and modern? We don’t mean to excite you (Okay, maybe we do) but a fibreglass pool is a perfect centrepiece to tie together your home’s overall design!

Because of our splendid pool colours, fibreglass pools from Barrier Reef Pools Perth make any backyard spring to life. What better way to improve and renovate your backyard than by making the poolside area your centrepiece! Think in terms of a BBQ, lounge chairs, decking, gazebos, wall-art or even a slide!

A fibreglass pool is a great investment because it can transform your backyard and property into something new, something vibrant. Simply put: every home looks better with a pool!

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Invest In Your Physical Health

Sure, improving your physical health may not be the same as a great financial investment, but we still think it’s worth noting: pools are a great way to stay in shape! Who said investments couldn’t mean investments for your own health anyway?

Regular, beginner-level swimming (or for that matter: just having fun in the pool) has been linked to higher levels of endorphins – the circuits in your brain that produce feelings of happiness – and increasing blood flow in your body.

On top of this, regular swimming is a fantastic cardiovascular and aerobic exercise that stretches all the muscles in your body. As opposed to a gym workout that isolates your muscles, swimming makes all of them work – from your abs to your shoulders. 

The best part is: you won’t have to worry about sweating in the pool!

So, to recap why a fibreglass pool makes an outstanding investment:

  1. Fibreglass pools have the lowest ongoing costs for maintenance of any pool on the market. This means less time cleaning and less money spent on keeping your pool running!
  2. A fibreglass pool can directly raise the value of your property and make your home more appealing to future home buyers
  3. Swimming pools provide a great way to redesign your backyard and implement a stylish design 
  4. Invest in your own health! A fibreglass pool can keep you healthy and happy

What’s the last thing that makes any old investment into a great one? A reliable source! Here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we have over 30+ years experience in the fibreglass pool industry. Check out our beautiful pool range today!

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