Best Swimming Pool Games You Must Try!

The summer season is the best time for swimming and swimming pool games. It not only keeps your kids occupied, but lets you enjoy the nostalgia of your childhood. You can enjoy them on a lazy Sunday afternoon with your family or a barbeque party. So, to help you, we have created this list of best swimming pool games you have to try!

1. Slides

When it comes to fun games for small kids, there is nothing better than water slides. You can either get a kiddie pool that comes with a pre-built slide or install a slide into your pool. Make sure there are other toys in the pool like toy cars, balls, etc. Also, the items shouldn’t be capable of puncturing the bottom or sides of the pool. You can play around with your kids or just let them splash the water around.

2. Secret messages

Anyone who can talk can play this game. Even if you don’t know how to swim or just don’t like to, you can still sit on the stairs and participate. To play this game, you need one player for saying the message and the other one for guessing it. Both the players will go under the water simultaneously. One will say the word loudly underwater. Then, both of them will come out and the guesser will have to say the word they think the first player said. You can choose a theme such as fruits or animals to make guessing a bit easier.

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3. Atomic whirlpool

For this game, you need all your players in the pool and lined up in a line along the pool’s edge. The players have to walk. After 30 seconds, tell them to start jogging. After 30 seconds, tell them to run. This will result in the creation of a strong current that pulls them along. Then, tell them to start walking in the other direction. Moving against the current will be almost impossible.

4. Popsicle

You must have played freeze tag with your friends in the playground. This game is like that, only in the pool. Make one player as “it” and make them tag the other players swimming in the pool. When a player gets tagged, they must stand in the water frozen just like a popsicle. They can’t move until an un-tagged player thaws them out. To do this, they will have to swim underwater between the tagged player’s legs. Make sure that the “it” person is changed frequently so that everyone gets a chance.

5. Marco Polo

This is one of the most popular classic swimming pool games. A player, “Marco” has to close their eyes and start counting to ten. Until then, everyone scatters around the pool. Marco will move around the pool with their eyes closed, while calling out “Marco”. When they do that, everyone scattered in the pool has to say “Polo” loudly. None of the players can go under the water to avoid saying Polo. If Marco tags someone, the latter will switch place with the former and search for other players.

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6. Sharks and Minnows

This is another classic swimming pool game. Almost everyone has played this game in their childhood. You will need 4 or more players for this. One player will stand at the pool’s edge with their back turned. This player is the shark and the other players scattered in the swimming pool will be the minnows. The shark has to try and hear the other players leaving so that they can catch them. However, every time they turn around, they have to take a step back from the pool. When the shark catches the minnow, the minnow will become the shark.

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7. Mother Duck

For this game, you will need a lot of ping pong balls. Toss them in the pool and have the player standing outside the pool. Once the balls have dispersed, tell everyone to jump into the pool. The players have to herd the balls to the wall without touching them. They are allowed to splash, make waves, or do anything to move them across. However, if they touch the ball, they will be disqualified. As soon as the player touches the ball, they can pick it and put it in a bucket. Continue until all the balls are out of the pool. If you want something with the theme of the Mother Duck game, you can switch the balls with rubber ducks.

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8. Volleyball/Basketball

As the name suggests, this game requires a basketball or a volleyball and a hoop or a net. You can play it as a team or one-on-one. Both games, volleyball and basketball, are more fun in a swimming pool. It can be organized or at random. You can keep scores or simply have fun shooting hoops and hitting the ball. These are simple games that don’t require a lot of effort in setting up and provide hours of fun.

9. Obstacle course

This is the perfect pool game for people of all ages. Depending on the abilities of the players, you can customize it as you want. It can be as simple or complicated as you want. You can add in pool noodles, pool floats, hula hoops, and other toys as a part of the obstacle course. Setting up the course might be difficult, but once you do that, it will be a lot of fun. You can make them slide, swim across the pool, float on their book, touch the wall with their toe, do a handstand, climb up the ladder, swim backwards, do a cannonball, do jumping jacks, or spin around. The only thing limiting you is your imagination.

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Wrapping up

So, this was our list of the best swimming pool games you have to try this summer. These will help you maximize your fun and have a great time with your loved ones. Make sure that you take appropriate safety measures. Ensuring the safety of everyone is just as important as ensuring that everyone is having fun.

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