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Our Spa Range

Our Spas can be fitted outdoors as part of the larger swimming pool, or as a separate entity, either indoors or outdoors the choice is yours.

The Hamilton Spa our latest Spa

The Hamilton Spa has been designed to work with our extensive range of swimming pools. With square corners and identical lane widths like the Majestic, Monaco, and Caprice. This spa gives you unlimited options.

Monaco Spa

The Monaco Spa is the ultimate way to compliment any pool.
With the ability to sit up to nine adults comfortably seating room is extremely generous.
The Monaco Spa is fitted standard with nine spa jets and also has the ability to be heated for a minimal costs 
There is no better way to unwind after a hard day than relaxing in your very own Spa.

What to look for when purchasing a Spa.

When looking at Spa designs and shapes, keep in mind your particular use. There will be variations in the seating provisions. These will have a bearing on comfort levels for children and older people. Make sure the Spa is easy to get into and out of for those who will be using it. Some have one entry step, others as many as three, which can be particularly suited to the elderly and partially disabled. There are also Spas with Provision for the installation of handrails to make entry and exit easier.

How a Spa Works

Water is drawn from the spa through a large outlet cover by a pump. It then passes through a filter and a heater. On its return to the spa, the water passes through many individual jet nozzles under pressure.

Turbulence is created by the nozzles, mixing water with air to produce an intermittent high-velocity jet. It's this jet, or jets, combined with the warm water, that gives the soothing, relaxing effect. Most Spas also have an air manifold system. A series of air jets, set into the seat or floor, provide thousands of bubbles all over to give a soft, sensuous hydro-massage. The jets in the spa should be strategically placed for maximum hydro-massage to back and feet.

Please Note: Sizes are approximate indications only.

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