Plunge Pool Range

Plunge Pool & Spa Range

Our selection of Plunge Pools, Small Pools and Spas could be the perfect idea for your backyard. Fibreglass swimming pools are increasing in price so a small designed pool may be the answer. The Plunge Pool Range and even our smaller pool designs are growing in popularity, especially now that backyards are getting smaller. The smaller size pools are quick and easy to install (5-day turn around), and you can have a pool area to impress all your friends and hours of fun for the kids. . 

Our Spas can be fitted outdoors as part of the larger swimming pool, or a separate entity, either indoors or outdoors the choices are unlimited.

Check out our range of Small Pools and Spas with our great pricing and warranties;  We are sure you will find one that fits your budget and backyard.

The Hamilton Spa our latest Spa 

The Hamilton Spa has been designed to work with our extensive range of swimming pools. With square corners and identical lane widths like the Majestic, Monaco and Caprice, this spa gives you unlimited options, prices for these pools are great value for money.

The Ultimate Plunge Pool

The Ultimate Plunge Pool with square corners and a constant depth of 1.65m, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a concrete plunge pool. For safety, we have a safety ledge incorporated into the vertical walls around the perimeter of the pool for peace of mind. This Plunge Pool comes in 3 sizes and is a great addition to any backyard.

The Monaco Plunge Pool Range

The Monaco Plunge Pool is a great Inground Pool designed for those small areas where space is often restricted or for those who are just looking for a small pool to cool off & relax-in. Plenty of options like Spa Jets, and heating.

The Monaco Spa Range

The Monaco Spa comes with nine spa jets, and you even have the possibility of heat for a minimal cost. This Spa also goes great with one of our larger swimming pools, with room for nine adults. 

Our selection of small swimming pools

The Caprice Swimming Pool that measures 5.2m in length 2.8m wide.

The Majestic Slimline Pool that measures 6.2m in length 3.4m wide.

The Monaco Slimline pool that measures 6.2m in length 2.8m wide.

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