Medium Swimming Pools 7m-9.4m

Medium Inground Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Our medium sized fibreglass pools are some of our most popular pool designs and are priced keenly to suit your budget. Encompassing straight lines, they look modern and up to date in any setting. With various different designs, you are spoilt for choice.

A medium sized pool is both convenient and manageable to maintain and is bound to draw plenty of attraction from your friends.

Built-in Forrestdale, Western Australia, and including our very first original Barrier Reef Pool, these affordable, luxury pools are true WA icons, no home is complete without one!

The classic Barrier Reef Pool, designed more than thirty years ago - but which still remains a class today, comes in two medium sizes at 8.85m x 4.3m and 7.5m x 4.2m.

Our other ranges in this size bracket come with the more traditional straight lines and include:

The Majestic Pool. Length 8.5m or 7.5m and width of 4.4m, plus the 7.2m x 3.45m Majestic Slimline version. This offers a side entry to the pool and a bench area, ideal for the children

The Monaco Pool.

Length 8.5m or 7.5m and width of 3.8m, plus the 7.2m x 2.8m Monaco Slimline model. Simple in design, they’re also ideal for gardens which have limited width.

The Venetian Pool.

Length 8.5m x 4.4m, or the Venetian Slimline Pool with a length of 8.2m or 7.2m x 3.5m.
They offer the option of an open spa along the entry point which makes it more sophisticated.

The Manhattan Pool.

Our latest pool design at 7.5m x 4.4m. No other swimming pool can offer all of these features in the marketplace. Since its introduction on the market, it’s proved very popular because of its design - featuring a shallow area for the children and a smaller insert.

The Sahara Pool.

A more traditional, yet stylish design gets your attention from first glance with two sizes of 7.7m or 6.5m length and a width of 3.5m. A truly impressive, eye-catching pool.

All these pools can be viewed at any of our swimming pool display centres located around Perth. With the most extensive range of fibreglass pools in Perth, you are sure to find one to suit your backyard and budget at Barrier Reef Pools.

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Barrier Reef Pools Swimming Pool Display Centres

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