Large Barrier Reef Pools

Large Barrier Reef Swimming Pool Range

The Barrier Reef Pool range were the first pools that we brought to the pool market and has helped us to grow into one of the best pool companies in WA and the pool is still a very popular pool today. The Barrier Reef Pool Range offers an affordable luxury, with a elegance that surpasses the ordinary. 

The pool has an abundants of features, like the handrails and safety ledges which follow the perimeter. Children can swim to various points of the pool to safety. Generous seating with swim out areas at the deep end. Whether you are entertaining or just enjoying a casual swim with the family, This pool fits all.
Landscape to taste. Casual through to formal landscape settings may be achieved with this versatile pool. to see more Barrier Reef Pools.

Barrier Reef Pools Swimming Pool Display Centres

Joondalup Display Centre  24 Ascari Lane, Joondalup. Tel: (08) 9301 1300
O'Connor Display Centre  10b/378 South Street, O’Connor. Tel: (08) 9314 1325
Mandurah Display Centre  24a Panton Road, Greenfields. Tel: (08) 9581 8611

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