Spectacular Furniture Ideas for around the Swimming Pool

Spectacular Furniture Ideas for around the Swimming Pool

Spectacular Swimming Pool Furniture Ideas for Barrier Reef Pools

A swimming pool in your own backyard is the ultimate in luxury. Accentuate your Barrier Reef Pool with unique and spectacular outdoor furniture. Soak up the sun on a day bed, escape to a private cabana, or drink and dine while overlooking your sparking pool. Create your own resort where you can relax and entertain. With the beautiful weather in Perth, the swimming pool should be the showcase of your home.


The Monaco a Large Swimming Pool from Barrier Reef Pools

1. Colourful Fabric

Barrier Reef Pools are available in a variety of dazzling pool colours that shimmer under the water and create a majestic beauty in your backyard. The colour of your furniture can emphasise your spectacular pool. Blue fabric reflects the colour of the water, and complements all Barrier Reef colour choices, but especially Indigo Shimmer, Pacific Shimmer, and Royal Blue Shimmer.

Urbani Furniture

The Infinity Modular from Urbani Furniture. The blue fabric looks beautiful with the Indigo Shimmer colour from Barrier Reef Pools.

Indigo Shimmer colour chart

2. A Dining Setting

Perth enjoys lovely temperatures all year round, including in the evenings, so we should make the most of it with outdoor dining. Create your own poolside restaurant and enjoy wine and cheese by the picturesque pool.

Indigo Shimmer

6.2m Monaco Slimline Fibreglass Swimming Pool /


3. A Cabana

A cabana is a sanctuary where you can relax in comfort from the scorching Perth sun. Equip your cabana with comfortable lounges, and maybe even a flat screen TV. You can use materials that match your decking to create a seamless look. Inbuilt furniture by the pool has a feeling of grandeur and is incredibly impactful.

Indigo Shimmer Indigo Shimmer

7.5m Majestic Swimming Pool


4. Inbuilt Seating

10.5m Venetian Swimming Pool

Inbuilt swimming pool seating Inbuilt Furniture

Inbuilt seating gives a luxurious, planned, and seamless feeling. It can be sleek, and flush with planters. It gives much needed seating to take a break from splashing.


5. A Bar Setting

Retire from a hectic day of work and sip piƱa coladas at your own poolside bar. A bar set will make your backyard the ultimate place for entertaining family and friends.

Poolside bar setting

8.5m Majestic Swimming Pool

6. A Day Bed

You can rent a day bed by the pool of many world-class resorts. Enjoy this coveted resting place anytime in your own outdoor oasis.

Barrier Reef Pools boast over 14 spectacular designs. Day beds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, to complement your pool style. Rectangular day beds complement a sleek and contemporary pool design. Round day beds evoke a lush Balinese theme, and accentuate a round pool surrounded by tropical gardens.

Poolside daybeds

10.5m Venetian Fibreglass Swimming Pool

If your daybed is in the direct sunlight, ensure it is made of weather resistant materials. PE- wicker is ideal, as it is UV resistant, water proof, and requires minimal maintenance. It has a stylish appearance and can be woven into any luxurious shape, so it is perfect for creating extravagant furniture pieces. Choose furniture with water resistant fabric that unzips to clean after the pool soaked guests have enjoyed lounging. White wicker creates a modern look and doesn't heat up in the sunshine.

 Daybeds around the pool

The Kuta Day Bed from Urbani Furniture

A pool is a luxurious feature that you can exaggerate in your home. Use spectacular furniture to create your own private sanctuary, and make the most of your Barrier Reef Pool.

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