Five reasons to use an Ozone Swim Sanitation System

Five reasons to use an Ozone Swim Sanitation System

Ozone Swim Pool Sanitation System

Did you know that 18% of residents in Western Australia live in homes which have swimming pools? We all know that pools need to be well maintained, hygienic and clean and the Ozone Swim Sanitation System is one of the best ways to achieve this. Ozone Swim uses an advanced oxidation process to produce ozone gas (03) into the pool circulation.

When this ozone (03) is injected into the water, it breaks down into oxygen which safely oxidises and destroys any contaminants, bacteria, viruses or impurities.


1. Fewer chemicals needed for your pool

It’s a known fact that adding lots of chemicals to your pool to disinfect it can have negative consequences. Chlorine and bromine can cause issues to swimmers with rash complaints or irritable red eyes and can also cause respiratory problems.

Research has shown that an Ozone Swim Pool Sanitation System is a far more efficient way of killing off germs and bacteria, as well as being less toxic. It’s important to still have a low level of chlorine which is a residual disinfectant as Ozone Swim breaks down quickly.

The ozone generator can be added to your existing chlorination system.

2. Faster and more effective disinfectant

Research shows that the Ozone Swim Sanitation System disinfects pools faster than exclusive chlorine treatments.  When the ozone comes into contact with the bacteria, it gets destroyed in seconds.

It can be 3000 times more active in the destruction of bacteria and viruses than chlorine is in the same concentration. For example, at a concentration of 1mg/l, E. coli is killed within 5 seconds by Ozone Swim but 250 minutes using chlorine at the same concentration.

3. Reduces long-term costs

Over a period of time, Ozone Swim can make you savings of up to 40%. There’s a minimal need to replace the water which in turn reduces any heating costs. 

There will be fewer chemicals needed for the pool along with less cleaning, and there won’t be a need to do any backwashes.

The initial cost of the unit will be offset by savings made on long-term maintenance. For example, it will reduce the wear and tear on the salt cell, extending its life.

4. Eliminates chlorine smells

Chlorine smell can linger and cause respiratory problems. Traditional pools can easily be damaged with caustic gases corroding the pool infrastructure.  Ozone Swim is odour free and has no taste or colour and doesn’t leave a by-product and leaves water extremely soft. 

High levels of chlorine can damage towels and swimsuits and can be toxic to our environment.

5. Ozone a popular choice

More people are being made aware of the benefits of using ozone in water.  Chlorine-free ozone pools have been in operation in Europe for fifty years.

Since 1984, every Olympic pool, including the Olympic pool at Homebush Stadium in Sydney has used an ozone system with competitive swimmers saying it is the preferred choice for racing and diving. 

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