Barrier Reef Pools Win Gold Best Display Centre

Barrier Reef Pools Win Gold Best Display Centre

Barrier Reef Pools Win Gold for new dispaly centre
Check out our display centre north of Perth winners of the SPASA National Gold Medal for 2013

Our Gnangara display centre has a wide range of pools, Lap.Pools, Plunge and family-sized pools all on show at our display centre in Gnangara, allowing customers to see ideas for their new pool in a complete outdoor setting. “Other pool display centres have only pools on display; our display centres are about the pool and the area around the pool,” Barrier Reef Pools director Brad Hilbert said. “We find more clients who don’t just want a pool, they want an outdoor area that incorporates a pool into it, and the whole area must be practical and look good – this is exactly what our display centre offers.” The display centre took 12 months to construct and opened in 2011. It has 9 pools in situ, spread over 1000sqm. It is the second display centre for the company, in addition to their O’Connor centre. Mr Hilbert said it was one of the biggest swimming pool display centre north of the city, showcasing everything from Spas to a 12m Lap pool.

List of pools at Wangara display centre

  1. 7.5m Sahara pool
  2. 7.2m Monaco pool
  3. 12m Lap pool
  4. 5.5m Plunge pool
  5. 10.5m Monaco pool
  6. 8.8m Barrier Reef pool
  7. 9.5m Venetian pool
  8. 8.5m Majestic pool
  9. 4.2m Monaco Plunge pool
  10. 2.5m Spa

Barrier Reef Pools Swimming Pool Display Centres

Joondalup Display Centre  24 Ascari Lane, Joondalup. Tel: (08) 9301 1300
O'Connor Display Centre  3/378 South Street, O’Connor. Tel: (08) 9314 1388
Mandurah Display Centre  24a Panton Road, Greenfields. Tel: (08) 9581 8611

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